The Flagship R GTX, Multicross Plus GTX, and Magma X Plus take the spotlight as the newest additions to Northwave’s winter shoe lineup. The footwear offers thermal insulation and advanced technical features for riders who refuse to let low temperatures deter them

Boasting two decades of expertise in crafting cold season cycling footwear, Northwave has championed cycling as a year-round discipline, including various terrains, latitudes, altitudes, and weather conditions.

In the category of fall and winter cycling footwear, Northwave remains unrivaled, having pioneered technical winter cycling shoes and having become the first to integrate Gore-Tex membranes into its products. Northwave’s reputation for innovation and quality continues with the latest winter offerings.

Three standout shoes in Northwave’s Fall/Winter 2023/24 collection cater to riders of all types. The Flagship R GTX is a high-performance road shoe for those who mean business on the pedals — even in cold temperatures. The model claims the top spot in Northwave’s winter road shoe range.

The Multicross Plus GTX is an all-mountain shoe with a flat-pedal sole that’s not afraid of wind, rain, mud and cold. It’s designed for intrepid enduro riders and for the most demanding trail users.

The Magma X Plus, with its clipless sole and Primaloft filling, is for those who don’t observe limits or boundaries on their MTB or gravel rides, nor do they tolerate wet or cold feet.


The three latest additions to Northwave’s product lineup for autumn/winter 2023/24 showcase hallmark technologies that define the brand and serve as the foundation for all its winter footwear offerings.

A common thread that ties all three new Northwave shoes together is the Easyfit collar, which is a carefully engineered extension of the shoe that’s designed to shield and hug the ankle, thus preventing water, dirt, or cold air from entering. The unique seamless design of Northwave’s winter shoe collar strikes a delicate balance by providing protection without constricting movement. Its remarkable flexibility ensures effortless donning and doffing, while granting riders maximum range of motion.

Across all three models, the closure mechanism employs Northwave’s X-Dial SLW3 rotor, a standout feature in terms of precision and practicality. This innovative system that boasts step-by-step release, allows riders to fine-tune the fit with micrometric precision. The SLW3 system ensures swift adjustments, unparalleled accuracy, and ease of use, even while pedaling and wearing gloves.


The Flagship R GTX is the ultimate technical, performance-oriented winter road shoe engineered to protect the feet from bad weather.

Thermal regulation is provided by a Gore-Tex Duratherm Kelvin membrane, which shelters the foot from air and cold while ensuring optimal breathability.

The upper’s XFrame2 construction evenly wraps the foot and provides a snug fit without producing pressure points, so that the foot remains in the ideal position to pedal with maximum efficiency.

The Powershape Carbon 15 sole combines stiffness, light weight, and reactivity. It is made from 100 percent unidirectional carbon. The patented Powershape foot support system ensures the best power transfer to the pedals.

The Easyfit collar and SLW3 double rotor closure complete a shoe with superior performance — for those who strive for optimal gains even in winter, away from the turbo trainer.

The Flagship R GTX is available in black for a suggested retail price of €429.99.


Multicross Plus GTX is the evolution of the Multicross Mid GTX model, now featuring Northwave’s X-Dial SLW3 rotor, as well as a Velcro strap.

Northwave knows that thermal insulation is only one of the elements of a successful winter shoe. The Multicross Plus GTX is a versatile shoe that combines unmatched breathability and comfort with excellent thermal insulation, and water and air shielding properties.

The secret of the Multicross Plus GTX is its Gore-Tex Koala membrane, which is another chapter in an historic collaboration that began in 2005. The Koala membrane and the Arctic insole allow the Multicross Plus GTX to be used even in temperatures close to freezing, with additional protection from the Easyfit collar.

The Vibram Fort William flat sole features the characteristic ST LUG design, developed to provide optimal grip on the pedals and maximum traction in all conditions and terrain — a key aspect on the coldest days — while the EVA midsole provides lightweight vibration absorption.

The MultiCross Plus GTX is available in both black/deep blue and black for a suggested retail price of €269.99.


A warm and versatile shoe with a clipless sole designed for the multiple disciplines in mountain biking, but also ready to take on a gravel adventure. The Magma X Plus is the ultimate choice for those who love to expand their winter cycling horizons.

Even at temperatures hovering around freezing, the Primaloft material excels with its unparalleled thermal insulation. The Magma X Plus features 200 grams of environmentally friendly thermal padding made from recycled material.

Thanks to breathable polyester microfiber and the effective Arctic insole, heat dissipation in the shoe’s interior is reduced to a minimum; its light weight also guarantees excellent comfort and top performance.

The Magma X Plus also features an Easyfit collar and an X-Dial SLW3 rotor closure combined with a Velcro strap. The new Damp Evo Clipless sole guarantees excellent grip on the pedals, which is essential for controlling the bike on uneven terrain. The sole possesses the necessary flexibility for safe, comfortable walking.

The Magma X Plus shoes are available in black. Their suggested retail price is €199.99.

Wed 11th Oct, 2023 @ 12:30 am

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