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GO3 Camera by Insta360

“Hi everybody! This is the video I created for this years Backwoods Jam back in September. These jumps, the people that built them, and the ones that ride them, have done more for me than I could ever describe. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them, so for that, thank you. Huge love to Logan Peat, Paul Genovese, and everyone involved in their creation and maintenance.

I’ve been shooting this event for a few years now, and this year I wanted to try something new. I wanted to create a video where you could pull out any clip, and it would be able to stand on its own. Instead of a bunch of moments sequenced together in a montage-style edit (which is how I feel like I’ve shot most of my videos), I wanted each clip to tell its own story; to have a beginning, middle, and an end. This venue is such a perfect place to get creative, and there are still so many rad, untapped angles; even after all these years. One of the greatest sunset sessions I’ve ever witnessed went down the night before the event, and I’m not kidding when I say that shit is better than Christmas to filmers. The softest red light blasting through the trees, highlighting some of the sickest jumps that BC has to offer, as some of the worlds most stylish riders throw down feel good tricks for the fun of it. Events like these help me remember what its like to be a kid again, even if it’s just for a day.”

– Logan

Thu 30th Nov, 2023 @ 9:30 am

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