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Imagine your childhood. It probably involved sketchy stunts on sketchier ramps, racing your friends around the neighbourhood, and turning every pile of dirt you found into a jump. As you grew, so did rides and the jumps. They moved from the streets and empty lots to the woods and the local trail network. For a lot of us, this is where biking shifted from a pastime to a passion.

Today, mountain biking is regarded by many as a legitimate sport. Kids grow up watching their favourite riders push the boundaries of what’s possible. Aspirations of racing the World Cup or participating in Rampage start early. Recognizing and supporting a passion for cycling and bike skills in youth often distinguishes the good from the great. But the path is rarely that simple. Too much pressure can drive youth away from sports.

Now picture this: Your father and mother move from Quebec to Pemberton, BC, in the heart of the Coastal Range. They raise you and your brother in an environment that fosters your love for skiing, biking, and recreating outdoors. That’s precisely the story for the Harrisson brothers.

Freeskiing legend Hugo Harrisson is no stranger to the dedication needed to turn a passion into more than a pastime. He recognized his sons’ love for riding bikes at an early age. He built a small pump track in the backyard to foster and support their passion. Each year as the brothers got bigger, so did the pump track and its features. The pump track quickly expanded to consume the entire yard. A skate ramp, pool, climbing wall, slackline, and trampoline followed and transformed their entire property into the ultimate playground.

The synergy is magical when you combine supportive parents, a dream yard, and two brothers. There’s friendly competition, sibling rivalry, and an unceasing drive for improvement. Seb and Hugo Harrisson, aged 13 and 11, respectively, spend countless hours in their yard. What might seem like playtime is also their path to excellence. Their skill and composure on a bike reflect the time and energy they and their parents put into cycling.

Pemberton and the surrounding areas have a pretty good track record for producing some of the best action sports athletes in the world. The proximity to good terrain, positive influences, and a stacked roster of mentors/riding partners are a potent recipe. Combine that with the Harrisson brothers’ shared love for biking and skiing and dreams of becoming champions and things really get spicy. From tireless hours on the pump track to ventures deep into Pemberton’s wilderness, the Harrison brothers live the dream in pursuit of realizing their own dreams.

The entire Harrison family embodies humility. Hugo and his wife prioritize their children’s passion above all.

Consider this our official introduction to the Harrison brothers. You can expect to see much more from them in the future.

Featuring: Seb Harrison, Xavier Harrison, Hugo Harrison
Video: Liam Morgan
Photography: Stephane Pelletier
Song: Big thief – Simulation Swarm, I need a woman – Hockey Dad

Wed 29th Nov, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

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