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DarkFest is back – strap in for another action-packed session. DarkFest is a huge event, with local and international riders assembling for big jumps and high-risk tricks.

DarkFest 2024 will take place from 3rd – 10 February at The Hellsend Dirt Compound at Vuurberg farm near Stellenbosch. (Tickets here). If you’ve seen the course, you’ll know how dramatic it is. Sam Reynolds and the DarkFest team are currently putting the finishing touches on the hugest of courses for a wild week of fevered activity, where some of the best riders in the world will be pushing the limits of MTB performance.

How huge?

The immense 110-foot jump at Darkfest already broke records when Tom Isted landed the longest mountain bike dirt-to-dirt backflip. Measuring an unbelievable 120 feet, Tom’s huge and quite terrifying send is the longest backflip on dirt. Check out the craziness here.

While skill, inventiveness, and confidence are essential traits for charging at Hellsend, it’s clear that a very large chunk of fearlessness is also needed.

Two South African riders, Ike Klaassen and Theo Erlangsen, are in the mix for Darkfest 2024.

DarkFest 2024 Rider List:

Sam Reynolds
Clemens Kaudela
Matt Macduff
Ike Klaassen
Theo Erlangsen
Adolf Silva
Vincent Tupin
Kade Edwards
Kaos Seagrave
Paul Couderc
Daniel Ruso
Elias Ruso
Bienve Aguado
Kurtis Downs
Szymon Godziek
Dawid Godziek
Sam Hodgson
Nicholi Rogatkin
Matt Jones
Brendan Fairclough
Tom Isted
Graham Agassiz
Johny Salido
Carson Storch
Dan Paley
Talus Turk
Dylan Stark

Vaea Verbeeck
Casey Brown
Chelsea Kimball
Robin Goomes
Vero Sandler
Harriet Burbidge-Smith
Vinny Armstrong
Gemma Corbera

Tue 30th Jan, 2024 @ 12:30 am

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