Schwalbe has taken the Green Marathon to the next level in terms of environmental friendliness and increased the proportion of recycled and renewable materials from 70 to 80 percent. The basis for this is recycled nylon, which is used in the carcass of the tire and completely replaces petroleum-based nylon. The material used under the name Seawastex comes from fishing nets that are no longer usable and have been thrown away. The Taiwanese carcass manufacturer Formosa Taffeta collects these in Taiwan both from fisheries and from the sea to produce Seawastex.

Felix Jahn, head of the CSR department at Schwalbe: “The carcass makes up around 10 percent of the weight of the Green Marathon. This has enabled us to increase the proportion of recycled and renewable materials in the tire to 80% just six months after launching the Green Marathon. In this way, we are reducing our dependence on petroleum-based materials such as new nylon and also reducing CO2eq emissions. In the medium term, we will steadily increase the proportion of Seawastex in Schwalbe tires.”

Edward Lung, Formosa Taffeta: “We are delighted that Seawastex is being used in the manufacture of Schwalbe’s Green Marathon. It makes us proud to be part of this circular tire. Using Seawastex helps to conserve resources, preserve marine life and keep our oceans cleaner.”

The discarded fishing nets are collected and cleaned. They are then chemical recycled into raw material – Caprolactam – and spinning into new nylon yarn. Formosa Taffeta uses this to weave the new Seawastex carcass – with the same quality characteristics as those with conventional nylon. As the entire process, from collection and recycling to the production of new material, takes place in Taiwan, transportation emissions are kept to a minimum. Overall, Seawastex saves 49% CO2eq emissions compared to conventional nylon carcasses.

The Green Marathon saves a total of 41% CO2eq compared to its predecessor model. It is not only made from recycled nylon, but also from many other environmentally friendly materials, including
– Recycled carbon black from recycling partner Pyrum Innovations AG (direct product of the Schwalbe Recycling System)
– Fair Rubber (fairly traded natural rubber from certified tappers)
– Silica from rice husk ash
– Recycled rubber
– Bead core wire made from recycled steel
– No new synthetic rubber used

Thu 7th Mar, 2024 @ 12:30 am

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