At Sea Otter no less than 3 brands presented new valve designs for high flow tubless setups. Normal valves tend to clog up and make it hard to inflate with a normal pump. Hi-flow valves solves this in that you can easily inject the tubeless sealant through the valve itself – for less mess –  and the hi-flow design allows you to deliver a big volume of air into the tire in a fraction of a second – all doable with your normal floor pump.

Muc-Uff Big Bore – Muc-Off’s Big Bore tubeless valve stems innovate with a ball valve, ensuring unimpeded airflow. Twist the knob to open fully, but remember to close it before detaching the pump. They offer three versions in August: Lite (standard Presta size), Hybrid (Presta with Schrader attachment), and Ludicrous (Schrader size, requires specific rim hole).

Stans ExoCore – Stan’s NoTubes, renowned for innovation, is revolutionizing tubeless setup with their Exo-Core valves. Featuring a wider top section for increased airflow compared to standard Presta valve cores, they offer effortless sealant replenishment. The unique twist-off design allows quick access for adding sealant, while the valve core needle can be easily detached for cleaning sealant residue. If you missed out on grabbing one at Sea Otter, anticipate their official release later this season.

Bontrager High Flow – The Bontrager High Flow Valve Adapter boasts 300% more airflow than standard valves, replacing the valve core with a wider, uncloggable design. Its built-in core removal tool ensures easy installation, compatible with any threaded valve stem. Priced at just $24.99 for a pair, it’s a cool upgrade for enhanced performance.

Tue 30th Apr, 2024 @ 6:30 pm

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