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The original Tellis was built to be a workhorse. The Tellis V2 is an elevated workhorse. SDG took 6 years of rider feedback and listened, learned and tested. The V2 is the fruits of labors, simple yet advanced and bundled into a competitively priced package.

“I’ve been riding the Tellis V1 for quite some time now and never had any issue with it, it was already super durable. Now with the Tellis V2, we have a dropper that’s way more compact and sexy. Side bolts are really easy to access, we can adjust the length of the dropper easily and it’s even more durable. And we’re rolling!” – Yoann Barelli, Devinci Movement and SDG athlete

The new Tellis V2 features a new patent-pending low stack height head (10mm lower than the original Tellis) as well as easy side access bolts. The 3D forged head, part of the I-Beam cradle design, combines a stronger 26mm stanchion to improve stiffness, overall durability and reduce overlap.

Available in 30.9, 31.6 and 34.9mm diameters, the Tellis V2 provides one of the largest dropper travel ranges in the game – 55mm to 230mm.

The updated and improved polycarbonate keyway system now includes lower copper shims to further increase durability and keep head play at bay, while still retaining its smooth stroke feel.

Additionally, the new, simple to use travel adjustment shims come available in 5, 10 or 20mm, and are included with every Tellis V2. They offer the rider the option to reduce travel heights for optimal fitment.

Since 2018, the SDG Tellis has been at the leading edge of the seat post game and trusted by some of the world’s best brands; YT, Santa Cruz, Norco, Cube, Pivot and Devinci, just to name a few. Simple to install and simple to maintain, the Tellis distills a dropper post to it’s very basics. It goes up and it goes down, drop after drop, without hesitation. So simple, it fades away into the background and just does what it was designed to do without needing to be worried about.

KIRT VOREIS – “I’m always looking for the most fun ways to ride my bike, having easy adjustability for seat angle changes is a must. The new Tellis V2 clamping system takes needed time off adjustment fussing and more time to shred. The dropper movement is flawless and just like the V1, always up or down for the task!“

Durability was the foundation that Tellis was designed upon. With IGUS bushings, a sealed Wintek cartridge and Trelleborg main seal, the Tellis virtually does away with maintenance problems experienced by other seat posts. Put simply, less moving parts means less chances for failure.

When you do decide to give the post some love, the Tellis V2 is designed to be easily serviceable at home with no proprietary tools. The entire post can be removed and torn down in under 5 minutes, even by the most inexperienced of mechanics and at no cost.

To make things even easier, SDG provides a collection of step-by-step maintenance and service procedure videos on their website, as well as their YouTube channel.

The new patent-pending low stack-height head is part of a combination of design changes that allow for a more personal fit for every rider. The side access bolts are a bonus, allowing for quick, on the fly saddle adjustments while on the trail. And the new 5mm reduced height actuator provides improved overall fitment and more post travel on a wider variety of frames.

STEFFI MARTH – “I ́m riding the Tellis dropper post for a couple of years already and have always loved the simplicity and durability of the product. It ́s not only easy to mount (even I can do it :-)) but also maintenance, service and troubleshooting is super simple and can be done anywhere with a basic toolset. Visually the V2 is just a little more sleek and much more compact – I really love the new clean look.”

Simplicity, Durability, Elevated. This is the new Tellis V2.

“We’re excited for theV2, as it will be the culmination of 6 years of continuous refinements and development – a big undertaking for a small and independently owned brand.

Our entire team has a passion for bikes and a commitment to delivering innovative products with a purpose. I believe the Tellis V2 delivers on this promise; a damn good dropper that simply just works, at a price that doesn’t break the bank.” – Tyler Anspach, President

The Tellis V2 is now available worldwide and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

MSRP starting at: $199.99 USD, €219.99 Euro, £199.99 GBP and $290.99 CAD.

Tue 9th Apr, 2024 @ 9:30 pm

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