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3 weeks ago

The Moments of Clarity segment from Return to Earth showcased some of the gnarliest big mountain and slopestyle riding of the film, a demonstration of…

3 months ago

Return to Earth, the ninth movie from the crew at Anthill Films, is a cinematic journey across diverse mountain bike communities, personalities and environments. Each…

3 months ago

For this weeks #MondayMotivation we take a trip back down memory lane for this ultimate feel-good film segment - the classic Whistler section from one…

4 months ago

What’s the best way to way to watch a feature-length mountain bike film? In a venue with a big screen, massive speakers and hundreds of…

5 months ago

You know you need to make time in your day when Anthill Films release a new trailer, Return to Earth is no exception! (Anyone else…

5 months ago

Community is the backbone of mountain bike culture. In this fourth episode of In the Blink, the Anthill crew travels to communities across North America…

6 months ago

Sometimes, just sometimes, we wished we grew up in Whistler... Follow Anthill Films in Episode 3 of In The Blink showcasing some of the crazy…

7 months ago

This is a fascinating insight into the hard work that goes on behind the scenes when shooting incredible films such as this latest one from…

9 months ago

Immerse yourself in falls' golds and reds... and epic riding... The first episode in Anthill Films' exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of…


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