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3 years ago

This 'Sundays in Châtel' episode takes you intto the white room... Forget powder shots from skiing - this episode is all about bike shots! Antoine…

3 years ago

Flowgroh and Antoine Buffarts full segment from Flow in Chatel. Good times! Video : Jelle Harnisfeger

4 years ago

Take a look at these stylish senders ripping it up in Châtel! Sit back and watch as they hit the bikepark in this ultimate shralp…

5 years ago

Click here to see the guys in Châtel shralping harder than ever! Railing berms and stacking up some serious air time, they really know how…

5 years ago

Check out what happened when slopestyle came to Châtel! This big air event saw some sensational stunts and crowd pleasing performances. With a number of…

5 years ago

Sundays are meant for shredding, especially in Châtel! Here's three and a half minutes of sensational shralping that will leave you hungry for more! Antoine…

5 years ago

What's your Sunday looking like? Anything close to this? Check out the guys at Châtel Bikepark as they send it big time! Coming at you…

6 years ago

No hands, big gaps, BOOM! A dream run down the Dream Line in New Zealand with ShapeRideShoot team rider Antoine Buffart throwing some mahoosive shapes…

6 years ago

Open a big can of Vincent Tupin and Antoine Buffart and hop on the trail with the Scott Voltage Freeriders. Who even said freeride is…