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6 days ago

Steve Peat, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds & myself head to wales for a lads-on-tour MTB work trip too Revolutions & Dyfi Bike park!…

4 months ago

Bernard Kerr and crew head out to Rogate in the UK where it's been raining a little more than usual of late...

4 months ago

Team manager Bernard Kerr and rider Ed Masters are very clear when describing the Pivot Factory Racing team. We're all idiots in our own way'',…

4 months ago

We head to the very north of Wales to the infamous Athertons Dyfi bike park. Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton have created a masterpiece and…

8 months ago

Bernard Kerr and Pivot's Chris Cocalis look back on 10 years of racing, working, and riding together.

9 months ago

The decade long story of Bernard Kerr and Pivot Cycles resumes in Episode 2, following the Caravan Years, with a brazen email from Bernard to…

10 months ago

A story of opposites attracting and success! A brand driven by technological perfection, partnering with a wild 19-year-old kid from the Surrey Hills, who loves…

11 months ago

Game of bike - Enduro MTB edition! Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr battle it out with different riding challenges on their Enduro mountain bikes! But…

11 months ago

After some heavy skatepark shredding, Sam Pilgrim and Bernard Kerr meet up for an MTB trail session before firing up the pit bikes for a…