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1 year ago

Darkfest 2021: re-building the world's biggest mtb jumps continues! Clemens Kaudela turns up and we shape up some lovely take offs. But then the weather…

2 years ago

You asked for more, so here is the answer: Slowing Things Down. Tag along with the crew in this Slow-Motion accumulation of the best shots…

3 years ago

Biggest jumps in the world?! Reverse riders Clemens Kaudela and Nico Vink follow each other down the insane Darkest 2020 line in South Africa.

4 years ago

Check out this insane bit of sending! Clemens Kaudela knows how to pull off a solid, stylish run. You can't get much steezier than that!…

4 years ago

One of the biggest, dustiest sending sessions out there? These rad lads don't hold back when it comes to big lines with a whole lot…

4 years ago

Audi Nines MTB launches new partnership with Germany‚Äôs future largest bikepark. Send it to the Moon! is the motto of the Audi Nines MTB 2018.…

5 years ago

Serious levels of stoke and crazy levels of height gain, with more than a little air ambulance thrown in for good measure. Sam Reynolds talks…

6 years ago

Yikes those are some big jumps! Oh man, that's gonna hurt in the morning! Tune in for another edition of our MTB smash-fest, #WipeoutWednesdays, this…

6 years ago

Jumps so big everyone's bricking it! This is DarkFest, a series of jumps built by Nico Vink, Sam Reynolds and Clemens Kaudela to rival anything…