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4 weeks ago | 3:39

It's fair to say that not all eBikes are made equal when it comes to looks! But Commencal may have just hit the nail squarely…

1 month ago | 3:19

Everyone has their reasons for riding bikes... Sporty people who want to excerpt themselves, to get fit or to clear their heads. The true racers…

1 month ago | 3:21

Paris is the city of love and the arts, afterall. So perhaps it's apt that this video is so damned beautiful, worthy of watching over…

1 month ago | 2:26

In a battle reminiscent of Slopestyle days of old, two Crankworx legends found themselves going head-to-head for gold in today’s Mons Royale Speed & Style…

3 months ago | 7:7

After Crankworx Rotorua Commencal went for a ride in NZ with Australian, Remy Morton, travelling with him to legendary spots in New Zealand, the Commencal…

4 months ago | 1:53

Aluminium has always been the cornerstone of COMMENCAL mountain bikes. We are convinced about the reliability of this material and all our frames are made…

4 months ago | 0:38

The 2019 season is kicking off right now for the COMMENCAL VALLNORD Enduro Team. After a good training season this winter, they are back at work…

5 months ago | 4:3

A smokin' hot bike, smokin' hot trails, ninja-level light and a rider that can hang it all together... The Sunshine Coast is certainly one of…

5 months ago | 9:27

2018, lost in the jungle between the Piton des Neiges and Belvedere de Bois Court, the air is stiflingly moist. In the distance, amongst the Baobabs,…


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