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3 weeks ago

That is some fancy build on that Evil Offering, but would you rather have the car?! It's been a long time since we last had…

1 month ago

Evil Bikes have updated their mid-travel trail bike, the Offering with version 2 that you see here in this feel-good edit! With 140mm travel, 29…

3 months ago

More black gold this morning, this time presenting the Evil Following Dream Build! Complete with a custom Zipp/Industry9 wheelset alongside a host of lovely components…

5 months ago

Bring together three friends who love riding, who can push each other’s limits, and aren’t forgetting about the good times in-between – then you’ll see…

5 months ago

Evil hearts hardworking freeride. That’s no secret. Strong hearts and quiet confidence. Get the job done while always putting joy on two wheels front and…

6 months ago

You've got to watch this! Rob Heran rides the new opened black and very technical upper part of the Fernar Trail and more in the…

6 months ago

The Wreckoning has returned, redesigned from the rubber up and ready to rumble. Featuring a fresh look and a lil’ bit more travel—5 millimetres more—this…

10 months ago

One of the originators of the 'short on travel, big on fun' 29ers, Evil have once again updated the Following since the original launch nearly…

1 year ago

We're a sucker for Gee Milner's Dream Build videos here at IMB, and Gee's new personal bike is no exception!