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1 week ago

More black gold this morning, this time presenting the Evil Following Dream Build! Complete with a custom Zipp/Industry9 wheelset alongside a host of lovely components…

2 months ago

Bring together three friends who love riding, who can push each other’s limits, and aren’t forgetting about the good times in-between – then you’ll see…

2 months ago

Evil hearts hardworking freeride. That’s no secret. Strong hearts and quiet confidence. Get the job done while always putting joy on two wheels front and…

3 months ago

You've got to watch this! Rob Heran rides the new opened black and very technical upper part of the Fernar Trail and more in the…

4 months ago

The Wreckoning has returned, redesigned from the rubber up and ready to rumble. Featuring a fresh look and a lil’ bit more travel—5 millimetres more—this…

8 months ago

One of the originators of the 'short on travel, big on fun' 29ers, Evil have once again updated the Following since the original launch nearly…

1 year ago

We're a sucker for Gee Milner's Dream Build videos here at IMB, and Gee's new personal bike is no exception!

1 year ago

Camp fires, pick ups, great riding, and a hotel room under the stars... It wouldn’t be a proper Pacific Northwest road trip without mountain biking.…

1 year ago

The Evil Following MB is the 120mm monster truck 29 wheeled trail bike with sports car feel. If you’d told me a year ago a…