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2 months ago

Built to perform on the most demanding trails, meet the all-new Defend Pro. Designed using high-performance fabrics that breathe easy and provide maximum protection and…

3 months ago

ALL-NEW FOX FLEXAIR PRO LIGHT WEIGHT, HEAVY PROTECTION Our favourite clothing line from FOX just got an upgrade. The all-new Fox Flexair Pro range is made…

3 months ago

ALL-NEW FOX FLEXAIR PRO Light weight, heavy Protection The all-new Fox Flexair Pro range is made from premium fabrics and designed using cutting-edge technology to…

4 months ago

A little BTS and history from Tahnee!

4 months ago

Fox is pleased to announce a new special edition TS57 capsule collection centered around Fox athlete and MTB queen Tahnée Seagrave. When you’re a kid,…

10 months ago

Some motivation for your Monday? Lorraine Truong was once part of the top Enduro race scene, until a hard crash gave her a concussion. A…

10 months ago

It's nice to win, but we learn so much for from not winning... - Tahnee Seagrave Tahnee has one of the most recognizable faces in…

1 year ago

This #TBT is a tribute to big mountains, free spirits and mountain biking! Enjoy this journey with Kenny Smith and his crew as they explore…

1 year ago

Got ten minutes to spare? If you don't, better make time. Follow a solid crew as they go on an adventure bike packing through the…