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4 years ago

This weeks #WipeoutWednesday is brought to you by the Gravity Freaks with their epic compilation of all their crashes from 2019!

5 years ago

The DH fails are real! Packing in the face plants, and looking great whilst doing it, here's the Gravity Freaks of Greece with their best…

5 years ago

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Fast and furious trail blitzkrieg from the Gravity Freaks taking down the ancient Greek lines of Ymmitos.…

5 years ago

Get all the autumn feels from this DH rip through the Dirfis mountains in Greece with the Gravity Freaks! It's the perfect combination of wet…

6 years ago

Do you remember the summer? It was that warm, dusty time when riding your bike didn't require hours of cleaning afterwards and the trails looked…

7 years ago

Throwing rocks and elbows in a raw, downhill dogfight this is the Gravity Freaks team kicking up some dust on the Parnitha mountains in Greece.…

8 years ago

What's better than an MTB road trip? Check out the Gravity Freaks crew, a tight-knit posse of riders who travel Europe riding trails, they aren't…

9 years ago

Drifting and slamming into corners. Time for some more downhill action from Greece. Gravity Freaks head over to Mount Pelion on the eastern Greek coast.…

9 years ago

Get ready for some more DH shredding including some Greek style bike lifts! This time its off to the Big Bear Trail Race in the…