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4 years ago

This weeks #WipeoutWednesday is brought to you by the Gravity Freaks with their epic compilation of all their crashes from 2019!

5 years ago

The DH fails are real! Packing in the face plants, and looking great whilst doing it, here's the Gravity Freaks of Greece with their best...

5 years ago

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Fast and furious trail blitzkrieg from the Gravity Freaks taking down the ancient Greek lines of Ymmitos....

6 years ago

Get all the autumn feels from this DH rip through the Dirfis mountains in Greece with the Gravity Freaks! It's the perfect combination of wet...

7 years ago

Do you remember the summer? It was that warm, dusty time when riding your bike didn't require hours of cleaning afterwards and the trails looked...

7 years ago

Throwing rocks and elbows in a raw, downhill dogfight this is the Gravity Freaks team kicking up some dust on the Parnitha mountains in Greece....

9 years ago

What's better than an MTB road trip? Check out the Gravity Freaks crew, a tight-knit posse of riders who travel Europe riding trails, they aren't...

10 years ago

Drifting and slamming into corners. Time for some more downhill action from Greece. Gravity Freaks head over to Mount Pelion on the eastern Greek coast....

10 years ago

Get ready for some more DH shredding including some Greek style bike lifts! This time its off to the Big Bear Trail Race in the...