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2 weeks ago

Certain moments in time can completely alter the path of our lives in an instant. For me, that moment came in 2009 when I was...

6 months ago

When Brage Vestavik first shared his vision for a freeride trail at Trysil Bike Arena, he was met with skepticism. Some thought it would be...

7 months ago

Fury just wants to go fast; its 200mm of high-pivot LTS suspension and refined geo offers the perfect balance of craft and speed. Touting the...

7 months ago

In deep with Blur Media. Brage and his crew never disappoin. This is how Legends are made......leaving creative films behind for generations ahead to remember...

7 months ago

Meet Roger Vieira, 28-year-old DH racer hailing from Brazil and currently residing in the UK. Roger was chosen by Wyn Masters as the first rider...

9 months ago

It's the first day back at school and there's a new headmaster. The DH World Cup season kicks off in Lenzerheide and Wyn Masters hits...

9 months ago

With the help of new and long-time sponsors, Wyn Masters relentless efforts to support the underdogs, hometown heroes, and fan favorites of the World Cup...

10 months ago

As soon as 20-year-old Squamish local, Ryder Bulfone, received his new Sensor frame, his gears started turning about what the bike could handle. Not long...

1 year ago

Behind the scenes on Eliott Lapotre's latest edit. Check out the full edit here.