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4 years ago

Glen Coe is back riding an Identiti and he's still ripping like he used to, check out his welcome back edit filmed by Joe Simkins!

5 years ago

Oli Carter sends it large, back when the dirt was dry and the sun shone through the trees as though it would never leave us!...

7 years ago

Mega shred and, ooh was that a near-death tree experience? Dan Sibbick travels at warp nine on the Identiti Bikes Mettle. This is a Friday...

10 years ago

Chris Smith is one of those riders who just makes mountain biking look good, watching this makes me want to go for a ride on...

10 years ago

Join Chris on his first ride out on the new Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Ti forks, Riding a mix of Freeride and Downhill...

11 years ago

Chris Smith certainly has a plethora of bike skills, always looking stylish whether he is in the park, or on the dirt. In this short...

11 years ago

If you have ever wanted to be really good at manuals, but have never quite cracked it due to the constraints of having a life,...