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8 months ago

Tables, un-turndowns, inverts, or whatever you want to call them are one of the steeziest tricks out there. But are they as easy as they…

2 years ago

Wonder where an e-bike can sit in your life? Then wonder no more thanks to the amazing crew at IFHT films!!

2 years ago

Fighting the winter blues by making yourself go ride the amazing trails of Vancouver's North Shore? Sounds like a great idea to us! Follow Andrew…

2 years ago

In this video, 16 year old Jackson Goldstone tries to teach Andrew Santos the art of how to whip... It's eeeeezzzzy right?!

2 years ago

The perfect antidote to a Monday morning, join Matt, Andrew, Connor, Chris, and Kevin as they go bikepacking in the South Chilcotins, British Columbia. Will…

4 years ago

As voted for by you, our readers, here are the most popular mountain bike videos of 2018. From racing against snowboards down mountains to riding…

4 years ago

Everything in this awesome video is true! Buying your first mountain bike is the first step to becoming a) amazing, and b) broke. Every mountain…

4 years ago

More flow, less dough. The all-new Slash 8 is the all-mountain ripper of the people. It's built with 160mm/150mm of travel, enduro-ready parts, fast-rolling 29er…

6 years ago

Too funny! The IFHT team have been at it again making our days that much better with some quality bad lip reading skills. Check out…