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1 year ago

Jordan: The second day of our Vancouver Island trip we rode Mt Tzouhalem, which is a lot more tame compared to Mt Prevost haha. But…

2 years ago

Anyone else out there who lusts after their dream bike from back in the day? Follow Jordan Boostmaster as he is in the enviable position…

2 years ago

Would you ride a wobbly wooden skinny?! One of the final weekends that Silverstar was open, the trails were running very well and I had…

2 years ago

Jordan Boostmaster puts some work into fixing up and tuning up the jumps on his local jump trail and got to shred them as well!

2 years ago

They call this place Gnarnia, a work in progress for the past couple years, and they will continue to work on this place in the…

2 years ago

Mid-March, Jordan Boostmaster hits Woodlot with the whole crew. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned...

2 years ago

5th Horseman is an old school double black janky gnar trail! Watch Jordan, Alex and Wesley some pretty sick DH trails on Cypress mountain!

3 years ago

Looks like Jordan had some pretty good crashes back in 2019! 2019 was my best year so far and I believe 2020 will be even…

3 years ago

26 ain't dead as Jordan Boostmaster finds out! I took out the old Wilson for a day at Whistler! My Evolve Skypilot was in the…