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3 months ago

Anyone else out there who lusts after their dream bike from back in the day? Follow Jordan Boostmaster as he is in the enviable position…

4 months ago

Would you ride a wobbly wooden skinny?! One of the final weekends that Silverstar was open, the trails were running very well and I had…

9 months ago

Jordan Boostmaster puts some work into fixing up and tuning up the jumps on his local jump trail and got to shred them as well!

10 months ago

They call this place Gnarnia, a work in progress for the past couple years, and they will continue to work on this place in the…

10 months ago

Mid-March, Jordan Boostmaster hits Woodlot with the whole crew. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned...

11 months ago

5th Horseman is an old school double black janky gnar trail! Watch Jordan, Alex and Wesley some pretty sick DH trails on Cypress mountain!

1 year ago

Looks like Jordan had some pretty good crashes back in 2019! 2019 was my best year so far and I believe 2020 will be even…

1 year ago

26 ain't dead as Jordan Boostmaster finds out! I took out the old Wilson for a day at Whistler! My Evolve Skypilot was in the…

1 year ago

Jordan - I've been wanting to do this for a little while now, I always love my 26 wheels and thought it shouldn't be too…