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9 months ago

Check out the good bunch of Brits slapping the slop and styling it up while mumbling undecipherable expressions of post dubstep expressionism. This all fresh…

2 years ago

Luke Cryer defines style at speed. He came from the world of gate starts and elbows, even winning a silver and bronze medal at the…

2 years ago

Josh Lewis rounds up all his highlights from 2020 into this one video, not a bad year by the looks of things!

2 years ago

Craig Evans hucking and sending everything in sight in this latest short video from the 50:01 crew

2 years ago

Some footage from a few days playing on bikes during the fine winter weather. As mentioned at the end, sorry for our limited range of…

2 years ago

The 50:01 crew bring you some footage from a week in Autumn encouraged by a break in the rainfall, not to mention a rare appearance…

2 years ago

Time to get jibby with it: The crew lock horns with Max's bouncer, the flow was there to grab and enjoy if the train could…

2 years ago

Remember! Keep your trails clean! Having ridden this spot for 20 years, I have never seen it so messy. while lockdown has created time for…

2 years ago

We started this build project in June during lockdown after finding a little piece of land to rent in the local area. After a couple…