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3 years ago

The first race of the year was held in Oak Ridge Tennessee at the Windrock bike park. The fastest racers in America were all there…

3 years ago

The Mob n' Mojave, second round of the DVO Winter Series, had a deep field of riders and a lot of crazy weather. The KHS…

3 years ago

It looks like the KHS Pro MTB team is locked and ready to ride into 2021, featuring Luke Whitlock and Kailey Skelton.

3 years ago

We take a ride with 2 time USA national Enduro champion Seamus Powell to see how he spends his day to day life in an…

3 years ago

The KHS Pro MTB team works hard to be ready for a race when they pop up this rece season. With whatever time they get…

3 years ago

The KHS Pro MTB team is back out racing and it feels so good. The headed east for the Southeast series which started in Windrock,…

3 years ago

KHS pro MTB team manager, Logan Binggeli, takes us through the FSA product that the team uses to get the podiums.

3 years ago

We sit down with Logan Binggeli to talk about his life in Mountain biking, his new role as the KHS Pro MTB team Manager and…

4 years ago

Take a ride with Nik Nestoroff and Steven Walton as they bomb down from Top of the World into Laguna Beach. Oh and get some…