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5 months ago

Mexico has been having a booming MTB scene the past few years. Check out this video where you'll meet some the founding members of the…

5 months ago

Industry Nine makes wheels with all kinds of different rim widths, and I’m lucky enough to have two different width wheelsets for my mullet bike.…

6 months ago

Are clipless pedals cheating?! Pedal choice is a surprisingly personal thing to the point that it's even more controversial than the fact that e-bikes are…

1 year ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed meets up with legendary rider Kirt Voreis as they set out to find some unique, creative lines, push each other and plainly just…

1 year ago

Missoula, Montana is quickly becoming more and more friendly to mountain biking, and that’s in no small part thanks to the work of MTB Missoula,…

1 year ago

Some days, for no apparent reason sometimes things just seem to feel, well, just 'right' when out on the bike. Today was one of those…

2 years ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed takes us on what could be his favourite trail to ride on a mountain bike: Mountain biking has always been about long pedals…

2 years ago

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about how I wrecked myself, but hey, it’s my reality and it’s framed just about every ride I’ve…

2 years ago

Hardtail or full suspension? Jeff Kendall-Weed compares them. Let us know what you think.