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1 month ago

Kona Ambassadors Peter Wojnar and Matt Tongue play camera handball in the Whistler Bike Park aboard their Kona Process X's

3 months ago

F#%k Around and Find Out is a new series that follows members of the Kona Crew in all of their shenanigans. The best part of...

5 months ago

One year to shoot around the globe and even more time to work on such a project - here is AROUND Tito's 2023 project and...

8 months ago

The passion started twenty years ago and it's still alive to date. Transitioning from motocross to mountain bike as a kid, Marcelo always preferred the...

9 months ago

High alpine and altitude riding is Tito's favorite style! He just loves to be out there and enjoy the elements - this is a pursuit...

9 months ago

This short piece, Compulsion is a testament to the passion and dedication that Vancouver Island freerider, Tor Cameron puts into his building and riding. Built...

10 months ago

Cory Wallace loves to combine adventure, racing and travel. The two-time Canadian Marathon winner and four-time 24hr World Champion has spent the last 16 years...

1 year ago

Eddie Reynolds. So. Much. Style. Born from the surf and skate culture in SoCal, he started out a grom with promise, but we knew there...

1 year ago

Filmmaker and athlete Peter Wojnar is constantly drawn to the alpine. Whether to ride, to shoot, or just to take in the feeling of being...