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4 weeks ago

Myles Trainer + new Kona Process X + beautiful loamy trails = match made in heaven! Top marks to the drone pilot too!

1 month ago

Imagine having trails like this on your doorstep! We're very envious of everyone in riding distance of Galbraith Mountain in Washington State, USA. Mohawk was…

2 months ago

Jake Hood casually swipes through his potential bike matches on Tinder when...wait... what's this? Long, low, slack...STEEL? The Honzo ESD is calling to him. One…

2 months ago

Product Ian Schmitt walks us through all the tech that makes the Honzo ESD Extra Slack...dude. Also, he walks us through lots of costume changes.

3 months ago

Myles Trainer works in the Kona Bike Shop as a mechanic. Originally from Vermont, Myles has been migrating west to figure out where he wants…

6 months ago

Tim Dacosta shares a short and trippy recap of a trip he took with his family last winter. South Utah is a chilled place to…

7 months ago

Mark Donny Allison is one of the true few Bellingham locals that makes up the Kona family. Born and raised in Kona's hometown, Donny has…

9 months ago

Monster Energy brings us their latest video series that aims to delve deep into what goes on behind the scenes with some of the worlds…

9 months ago

Ian Schmitt is Kona's lead product manager. He's the driving force behind some of their most successful bikes, a father to a cat named Cheddar,…