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6 days ago

Rémy Métailler takes us back to 2017 down the mythical Urban Downhill of Taxco - Enjoy the ride.

2 weeks ago

16-year-old Jackson Goldstone and Rémy Métailler head down Squamish's best technical black diamond trail. Rémy first met Jackson Goldstone when he was a kid sending…

1 month ago

Rémy Métailler shows us he is human after all! In this video both he and Tito Tomasi venture out in Tito's backyard around the famous…

1 month ago

Crazy riding in the south of France with Rémy Métailler and Nico Quere: I met Nico when we I was riding in the south of…

2 months ago

Remy Metailler hops on the 'Dream Build' bandwaggon with his version, this rather fetching Cube Stereo 170: I have always wanted to do a Dream…

3 months ago

Remy: Before doing Youtube videos, I built a large audience on Instragram. Lately my video clips on the plateform have been extremely popular but I…

4 months ago

Rémy Métailler - Even though I'm french, this was my first time ever in Chatel! I only stayed a day but will be back. That…

4 months ago

Bill McLane is a trail builder. What started as a hobby between forest firefighting seasons became a career which has helped shape the mountain bike…

4 months ago

Curtis Bennit is a trail builder of Squamish, British Columbia and he has built some of the most popular trail around the local area. Go…