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2 weeks ago | 03:05

What’s the best way to way to watch a feature-length mountain bike film? In a venue with a big screen, massive speakers and hundreds of…

2 weeks ago

YT didn't rush into the ebike game, instead, they took their time and probably watched and learnt from everything else that was going on in…

2 weeks ago

BC Bike Race (BCBR) is proud to announce the official 2019 route and details (July 5-12, 2019). Each annual course brings fresh challenges to all…

2 weeks ago | 7:39

Dream bike build, sir, madame? Ooh yes, suits you. Go and have a little sit down and watch the sublime scenes of a spanking new…

3 weeks ago | 9:41

Did someone say bike build video? Scotty Laughland takes us through his latest Enduro bike creation, featuring the neat, new 12 speed kit from Shimano!…

3 weeks ago | 14:9

  Get warmed up for the main event with some qulaity bits of Saturday's qualifying runs, stat attacks and track run throughs, right here...

3 weeks ago

Building on the experiences of the world’s best mountain bike racers, Shimano has brought its race-winning technology to competitive and enthusiastic mountain bike riders. The…

4 weeks ago

So those of you paying attention will know that the Shuttle is not a brand new bike from Pivot. Having been around for a year…

4 weeks ago

The last three years have been an exciting time for Merida and in particular for the performance e-bike range, as the eOne-Sixty dominated the test…


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