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3 days ago

Epic enduro racing, stunning scenery, amazing riding and superb food and drink; THE MERIDA EX ENDURO is a three-day enduro race that has all this…

2 weeks ago

David Cachon has left behind the first part of his adventure, an amazing journey that took him along one of the most exposed rock-cut trails…

2 months ago

I was born here and... I'm probably gonna die here. - Matt Hunter For many people, mountain biking is a migratory sport. Once you get…

2 months ago

The very best thing about building your trail is the process. Everyday going to the woods and cutting something new without really having any idea…

3 months ago

“If you don’t think you can win, then it’s time to quit.” Greg Minnaar chats with Andrew Neethling about racing at forty. Watch them hit…

4 months ago

Marine Cabirou is one of the most exciting bike riders around. The young French downhiller manages to marry an aggressive, all-out style with the consistency…

5 months ago

As the title really, do you agree with Paul the Punter and his comments on what he wished he knew before he started mountain biking?!

5 months ago

Introduced as an alternative to HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrains, Shimano has now introduced LINKGLIDE which is apparently made for longer-lasting performance. This new LINKGLIDE technology will be…

5 months ago

It all starts with the trail. The crunch of the dirt, the smell of a dewy morning ride, or the feeling of brushing away pebbles…