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2 weeks ago | 10:55

Steve Peat and his unfathomable amount of experience heads on track each day to help the crew with lines, queries and to pick strawberries? It's…

1 month ago | 1:53

Adidas and Five Ten Present VISION, a new female-led freeride mountain bike film – Coming July 30th 2019. After watching this trailer, we can not…

1 month ago | 11:10

Good and bad memories from Les Gets for the big dog Peaty... Take a trip down memory lane whilst on track during Qualifying day, helping…

2 months ago | 9:28

Each Saturday we'll be bringing you Steve Peat and his adventures whilst out on course playing coach, spotting lines and occasionally remembering to film the…

2 months ago | 04:00

There would be a familiar start to Day 6 as riders enjoyed two nights in Breil-Sur-Roya, returning to the summit of the Col de Brouis…

2 months ago

Had enough of breathing in all sorts of nasties when servicing and maintaining your bike? These are no off-the-shelf rebranded crud, these have been specifically…

2 months ago | 03:37

With the sea visible for the first time yesterday, riders must be able to smell the sea breeze as the opening shuttle took them from…

4 months ago | 13:23

That's a lot of BANG for a lot of bucks! Here's what happened when Sam Reynolds, Ben Deakin and crew went up to the Steel…

4 months ago | 3:36

With Sea Otter wrapping up last weekend, enjoy this 2019 recap of Sea Otter Classic from the folks at Troy Lee, featuring Steve Peat, Cam…


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