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4 years ago

Joe Barnes was in need of some action and get the blood pumping - and the only safe way was to invent some virtual reality!...

4 years ago

Joe heads out back for his daily dose of exercise, eats a tangerine and tracks a dear off the mountain.

4 years ago

5 minutes of trail-shredding gold from Joe Barnes aboard his new dream build Orange Five... enjoy!

5 years ago

A big 2k19 is in the pipes! The launch of Hazzard Racing has been announced and Joe Barnes is back on an Orange bike again,...

6 years ago

Joe and Ferg decide to gain some height and head up a nearby mountain. Plenty of adventure ensues and it turns into an all day...

6 years ago

If only all disputes could be solved with such style and excitement... and an accompanying band! The best way to settle any dispute is to...

6 years ago

If the movie franchise had been anything like this then the bad guys definitely would have won, but this is waaay more funny!  The Fellowship of...

7 years ago

This is messy, but don't worry it's not what you think! The Dudes boys build and ride a beautiful rut trail in just one day!...

7 years ago

Turn your surreal dial up to eleven, and prepare to step through the looking glass as the Dudes drop another sequence of moving pictures and...