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8 years ago

The latest release from the big man is out, catch up with Peaty, Bryceland, Minnaar and the Syndicate team as they round off the season.

9 years ago

Let Steve Peat, along with Josh Bryceland and Greg Minnaar show you the 2013 Fort William Downhill course... Fast, dry and loose.... Should make some…

9 years ago

What makes you bad,makes you better! The first instalment of This Is Peaty for 2013, watch out for the odd naughty word and plenty of…

10 years ago

World Champs. A race that has seen some huge up and downs, for Steve Peat, throughout the entirety of his career. With an amazing custom…

10 years ago

Your Timed Practice champion takes you on a flat out run, with his Drift Innovation Helmet Cam, down Hafjell World Cup track! Greg Minnaar comes…

10 years ago

Steve Peat + co take a stroll down the final World Cup Round at a new location, Hafjell Norway. The track has everything, from all…

10 years ago

A while back, the Santa Cruz Syndicate, along with a host of other top teams headed out to Leogang to ride/test on the up-coming Leogang…

10 years ago

Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland and the Everly Pregnant Brothers take us on a run down the Val d'Isere World Cup track. Gnarly stuff!

10 years ago

Steve Peat and the rest of the Syndicate take a stroll down the new Val D'Isere World Cup Track! This looks like one hell of…