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2 years ago

Riding a mountain bike has to be one of the best feelings in the world. It is so universal that anyone will find something they…

3 years ago

From exaggerated stories of blissful alpine singletrack to rubbing elbows with the pros, everyone has “that friend” whose tales from the trail are too good…

3 years ago

Espresso and John Deere are two of North Vancouver's most popular trails. But these blue flow lines are far from its gnarliest. So it was…

3 years ago

50 seconds of Thomas Vanderham in Retallack, BC. Short but oh so sweet!

3 years ago

Raw 100 is a video series designed to highlight the talent and creativity of riders and filmmakers. The rules are simple: 100 seconds in length,…

3 years ago

Few of us want to spend this much time inside, but if we have to, wouldn't it be better with a few more mountain bike…

4 years ago

It would be a dream for most mountain bikers of the world...the chance to grow up on Vancouver's North Shore. That became reality in Thomas…

4 years ago

Over the years, Thomas has filmed numerous riding segments in BC’s interior, dialing in those massive whips that he’s known for. Whether it’s sending massive…

4 years ago

Take a trip down under with mountain bike legend Thomas Vanderham as he tears up the trails of Van Diemen's Land