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10 years ago

The super session is in full swing! The first few days of the Suzuki Nine Knights presented by G-Shock have already exceeded all expectations. In…

11 years ago

Every once in a while, a rider blows us away. Not by the mind-over-matter rawness of balls-out-bravado, or the speed and power of physical prowess.…

11 years ago

Specialized is stoked to have Mike Montgomery riding our bikes this year! Watch for Mike to climb the ranks in the FMB World Tour with…

11 years ago

Silvia Films put together some of the best web edits out there, as you'll see in this short video of Giant rider Ian Killick.

11 years ago

After a big crash back in April last year, Chris Akrigg is back doing what he does best; riding his bike and making sweet little…

11 years ago

By EyesDownFilms  So I’m finally back out on the bike, with a mix of full time work, weekly physio and learning to ride one handed…

11 years ago

If you're sponsored by Unit then it's pretty much a given that you go bigger and burlier than most. Don't know what I mean? Watch…

11 years ago

In the late fall days of 2011, we sent Kona Team rider Graham Agassiz into the wilds of southern British Columbia, high above the frontier town of…

11 years ago

Euan from moutainbikeworldwide sent us through his latest video, filmed in the Mustang region of Nepal. Nepal is just one of H&I's destinations, with packages…