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1 week ago

Here's more terrible MTB crashes you haven't seen yet... Why?! Cause it's #WipeoutWednesday!

2 weeks ago

The most insane MTB crash you have ever seen? Time tag it down in the comments!

3 weeks ago

Todays #WipeoutWednesday delivers our weekly dose of cringe, laughs through these terrible MTB CRASHes you haven't seen yet!

4 weeks ago

Witness this epic symphony of spills on today's #WipeoutWednesday—a crash course in MTBs most gravity-defying mishaps! Ouch...

1 month ago

Embrace gravity's comic vendetta! Tune in for MTB mayhem, where trail meets turmoil. It's #WipeoutWednesday, don't miss the chaos!

1 month ago

Craving a good laugh? #Wipeout Wednesday is here with the most hilarious MTB crashes compilation. Get ready to ROFL!

2 months ago

Welcome back to #WipeoutWednesday , our weekly dose of mountain bike mayhem brought by another thrilling crash compilation video. Brace for impact!

2 months ago

It's #WipeoutWednesday !!! Ready for some gravity-defying MTB 'skills' ? Watch the wildest crashes, because who needs to land smoothly ?

2 months ago

The points leader overall in the series, Loic Bruni, takes a heartbreaking crash in the finals run in Snowshoe for the 2023 UCI Downhill MTB…