AMS AllMountainStyle Berm & Cero 2022 Mountain Bike Review

AMS AllMountainStyle Berm & Cero 2022

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At a glance

All Mountain Style released these two new grip models recently. The Berm grip has a single lockring, tapered diameter (29.5mm inside, 33.9mm outside) and waffle pattern.
The Cero grips have a constant 30mm diameter, single lockring and a large waffle pattern on the inside, and a small diamond pattern on the main part of the grip.

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About the brand

All Mountain Style is a Barcelona based company that specializes in MTB accessories. Grips, mudguards, adhesive frame protection and some innovative products like straps and a super cool kickstand make up their catalogue. They sell their products online through their own webshop as well as through distributors / physical bike shops.

Although their packaging is made from recycled materials, there is no clear environmental impact study or sustainability goals mentioned on their website.

The product

The Berm grips weigh in at about 102 grams, and have a micro diamond pattern to offer grip and comfort. Total length of the grip is 135mm and the tapered design is well suited for smaller hands, and gives a bit more support than a regular sized grip. Besides the classic black, they come in a wide range of color options to match your mood, fashion choices or other color coordinated bike parts.

The Cero grips are designed by Cesar Rojo (DH racer and brainchild behind Unno) and weigh in at just below 100 grams. The grip is covered with a small diamond pattern for cooling and grip, with a larger diamond pattern on the inside. With a constant diameter of 30mm they are on the thicker side of the spectrum. With 132mm width, they are slightly less wide than the Berm grips.

Out on the trail

Grips are always really important and really personal. If you like a grip or not usually depends on the size of your hands and what you are used to. I will always recommend people to head to their local bike shop and just get a feel of what is out there. For around 30 bucks you can pick up a quality set of grips and trust me it can transform your riding.

When we took out the Berm grips for a long weekend of riding, I was pleasantly surprised. The tapered grips were slightly thinner than my usual choice, but the rubber was soft and forgiving. Although it was quite warm outside, I never felt my palms overheat, and even riding gloveless didn’t give me any blisters or pain at all. I passed them on to another, smaller handed test rider and I never managed to get them back. I guess that says enough.

With the Cero grips, I felt more at home straight away. The thicker grips suit people with bigger hands (like me), and the diamond pattern felt pleasant. The rubber compound felt the same as the Berm ones, nice and soft. The slightly narrower grip was my personal favourite and remains on my bike until they wear out.


If you have smaller hands or like thinner grips, take the Berm grips. If you have larger hands or like thicker grips, go for the Cero. Other than that, I definitely recommend. Great pricing, nice soft rubber and a wide choice of colors to choose from too!

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This review was in Issue 68 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
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