DMR Bikes Wingbar 35 and DEFY 35+ Stem 2019 Mountain Bike Review

DMR Bikes Wingbar 35 and DEFY 35+ Stem 2019

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If ever a brand was to inspire confidence, then DMR would be the one. Born out of thrashing bikes in the woods, the components that come from DMR are certainly ones that can take some abuse. The Wingbar and Defy Stem combine to make a thoroughly modern cockpit which maintains their classic core values.

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The Wingbar is now available in 35mm and is a full 800mm with rise up to 35mm for those who want to keep the stack high on their bikes. With 5 degrees up and 8 degrees back sweep, the shape will be familiar to most and at 326g although not the lightest, aren't overly weighty.

The Defy stem is striking in its looks, but provides a 5mm of rise and a low stack height which gives riders plenty of options for upping their bar height further if required. At 35mm in both clamp diameter and length it keeps up with modern trends and the zero gap, two-part bar clamp keeps things clean and simple.

Wingbar 35

Defy 35+ Stem

On The Trail

Getting set up was easy, with the top-closed stem clamp easy to work with and helping to avoid overtightening bolts. Centralising the bar works ok, but it would be great to have a simple graphic that fits between the two bar clamps to make it slick. There are markings to slice the bars down and a few other lines to aid set up, but overall the look is minimalist, stealth and just features some classic branding.

What this set up really allows is for a high bar position, with a 35mm rise option combined with a 5 mm rise on the stem this can get things up there for the taller rider. The stem also has a small stack height, taking up little room on the steerer tube, so can be shunted to the top of the steerer to get even more height if required. If height isn't an issue, the low profile stem and a lower rise option give a sleek and compact option.

The ride characteristics of this set up are predictably stiff, the sort of bar you want on your bike before you hit that Rampage drop, I imagine... The solid feeling allows for great precision and makes holding a line easier than on a thinner, narrower bar. The stiffness does not seem unreasonable, and on a long travel bike makes plenty of sense. The stiffness isn't detrimental, it just reminds you what is going on underneath your bike and encourages you to have the confidence to push on. Those looking for less stiffness in the bars, there is the 31.8mm option available.


Dirt jump inspired bars for the enduro crowd, this bar and stem set up from DMR will take all you can throw at it and more. They give no excuse not to hold your line through the rowdiest of boulder fields, or send it off the biggest drops. Wide and stiff, they deliver on both in a wallet-friendly and confidence inspiring package.

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