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Rimpact is a UK based company that makes high quality tire inserts. They utilise an energy sensitive layer in conjunction with foam to harden on impact and dissipate extreme forces across itself and the foam below rather than into the rim. They weigh about 160 grams per wheel for the 29’’ version and 150 grams for the 27.5”.

The product

Rimpact make a variety of tire inserts tuned to suit your riding style. The EDH model is aimed for aggressive use on DH bikes and E-MTB’s. The Rimpact Originals are a single density version, and their latest Rimpact Pro (on test) uses a dual density foam for better shock absorption and rim protection.
One of the cool things about Rimpact is that you are able to mix and match as you like. EDH in the rear, Pro in the front, mullet setup, whatever you want you can add them to the shopping cart. The setup can be ordered with or without Rimpact tubeless valves, or the proven Peaty’s valves.

The Rimpacts have a big advantage over the competition when it comes to weight. Many competitors out there weigh in at 250 grams per wheel, while Rimpact Pro adds only 150 grams to the setup. And we all know how much rotational mass affects the handling of your bike.

Out on the trail

Mounting the inserts was a breeze. Just follow the instructions and take your time to set the bead in before moving along to the next part of the tire. We had them fitted on WTB I30 Tough wheels with Continental Kryptotal tires for the majority of the testing.

Once installed it was time to do some laps. I rarely ride without tire inserts these days, and when I do I regret it instantly. The added protection for your rims is a big bonus, but for me the main advantages are that you can run a lower tire pressure to create better dampening and grip, without having the tire fold on you when cornering hard.

During the 4 month test period we had exactly zero flats or rim dings. So on the protection side they handle the task well. The main question always is, how do they compare to Cush Core? First off, they are a lot friendlier for your wallet. Being almost half the price means you have more dineros left for apres bike beers or lift cards. Next up is the weight. Almost 100 grams per wheel less is something you definitely feel when accelerating out of the corners, so that's another bonus on Rimpacts’ score list.

When it comes down to the performance Rimpact scores another five stars. The dampening characteristics gave you a very smooth and vibration free ride. Even when going to extremely low pressures like 19/20 PSI, we had to really point it into the rocks aggressively to make them bottom out. I preferred to ride the setup with 21F and 23R, also as with lower pressure the rolling resistance really started to slow things down, especially on the ups.

Even after the testing period and hitting numerous rock gardens with reckless attitudes and lower than reasonable pressures, we could not find any damage on the inserts themselves proving they are one of the most durable tire solutions on the market.


We are impressed. The Dual Density approach brings great dampening characteristics that are almost comparable to the Cush Core standard. Rim and tire protection are amazing and given they’re more than 30% lighter and 40% cheaper, the Rimpact Pro’s are a serious threat for the competition. Double thumbs up from the IMB test crew!

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This review was in Issue 72 of IMB.

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By Jarno Hoogland
Jarno's life has revolved around two wheels ever since he swung a leg over his first BMX at age 4. After a BMX and DH racing career, he moved on to work for bike shops, distributors and brands before ending up in the editors seat at IMB. Based in the ultimate testing ground in the Swiss mountains, he runs his guiding operation and makes sure every IMB issue is filled with top notch content.

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