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1 week ago

#kendallweedclassic ‪#‎howtoflow #pumptrack If you’re an acute observer of mountain bike videos, you might notice that I’ve got a little bit of a unique style when I’m riding downhill. Why’s that? Well, I’m all about finding my flow- and that means I’m constantly trying to build and conserve momentum. Watch the full video here: Thanks for all your support, without everyone here, I wouldn’t be able to make these videos! [ 49 more words ]

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
1 week ago

What’s the flowiest section of trail you get to ride daily?

Good ‘ol Lair of the Bear here on Galbraith has always been one of my favorites. No, it’s not gnarly. But it’s just got such a good feel to it. Every inch of that trail feels very well built to me! And it was one of the first trails I ever rode here in town, too.

Kudos to @wmbcmtb for advocating for us mountain bikers and allowing for such a vibrant local MTB culture!

🎥 by @colbias_funke #enduromtb #crosscountrymtb #downhillmountainbiking #dhmtb #vtt #vttenduro #galbraithmountain

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2 weeks ago

What’s a well built section of trail that just feels “right” to you?

This back straight and berm at the local Pumptrack here in #bellinghamwa just feels so dialed. Whether my daughter is getting through it on her run bike, or I’m doing my silly wheelies, this bit just flows really, really well.

Kudos to @wmbcmtb for making this track happen! #wheeliewednesday #pumptrack

🎥 by @colbias_funke

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2 weeks ago

Do you enjoy trying to go big on little jumps? Tag a friend who always brags about small jumps!
#tuesdaytuck i feel like the BMX crowd could go way higher on this one! #tbt to rainy days with my @kitsbow Trials jacket!
🎥 by @colbias_funke

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2 weeks ago

Where did you ride this weekend?
#manualmonday while being careful of that cliff to my right! This clip is from one of those beautiful January days where trail conditions are juuuust right!
🎥 by @colbias_funke thanks to @kitsbow @kaliprotectives @jensonusa @ibiscycles @trust_performance @industry_nine @pnwcomponents @wildernesstrailbikes

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2 weeks ago

What’s a tough climb that really challenges you? This section of High on the Hog trail in Sedona gave us all fits last January. Then, while back in town for my birthday a few weeks later, I gave it a go super early in the morning, and after 15 minutes, finally made it up! Now that I know the line, I think I can do it again! Thanks to @mountainmongo and @natehills1 for taking the time to try this with me! #highonthehog #sedonamtb

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2 weeks ago

Were you at the#shirejam this year? That was a great time! I just posted my YouTube vid about it. When I post dirt jump stuff, it totally bombs on my channels, so hopefully y’all can enjoy what I put together! #shirejam2019

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

Whenever I post jumping content riding a proper dirt jump bike, it totally bombs. But if I'm riding a trail bike, it does awesome. What gives?

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
3 weeks ago

How often do you end up on the ground when climbing? This #techclimbtuesday line from the @industry_nine #hydra vid was rough, only got it clean once! Thanks to @jensonusa for all their support! 🎥 by @colbias_funke #trialsriding

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
3 weeks ago

Do you ever practice funky trials lines? I need to do more of it! Didn’t quite get this one, but it was close! Thanks @industry_nine and @jensonusa for the support, and thanks to @colbias_funke for the 🎥! #biketrials #mtbtrials #mtbstunt

I love to ride my mountain bike, and love to share my vision of the trail with the world!
Born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, I grew up riding BMX, a little trials, and little motocross, and pedaling through the woods on my mountain bike. Now, so many years later, not a lot has changed, other than I get to enjoy these activities with my beautiful family!

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