Jeff Kendall-Weed

Jeff Kendall-Weed

Pro Rider

4 months ago

Really fun watch! Jeff Kendall-Weed takes us along while sending it deeply into the Last Frontier. Rides like these are what make Alaska just so…

9 months ago

Mexico has been having a booming MTB scene the past few years. Check out this video where you'll meet some the founding members of the…

10 months ago

Industry Nine makes wheels with all kinds of different rim widths, and I’m lucky enough to have two different width wheelsets for my mullet bike.…

11 months ago

Are clipless pedals cheating?! Pedal choice is a surprisingly personal thing to the point that it's even more controversial than the fact that e-bikes are…

1 year ago

As Jeff says, The Rocky Mountain Slayer is defined as a “big mountain” bike, which is a lovely term, as it means the bike can…

2 years ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed meets up with legendary rider Kirt Voreis as they set out to find some unique, creative lines, push each other and plainly just…

2 years ago

Missoula, Montana is quickly becoming more and more friendly to mountain biking, and that’s in no small part thanks to the work of MTB Missoula,…

2 years ago

Take to the trails of Sedona with Nate Hills and Jeff Kendall-Weed: I filmed this last week as we both ended up in Sedona, Arizona…

2 years ago

Some days, for no apparent reason sometimes things just seem to feel, well, just 'right' when out on the bike. Today was one of those…

2 years ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed takes us on what could be his favourite trail to ride on a mountain bike: Mountain biking has always been about long pedals…

2 years ago

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about how I wrecked myself, but hey, it’s my reality and it’s framed just about every ride I’ve…

2 years ago

Hardtail or full suspension? Jeff Kendall-Weed compares them. Let us know what you think.

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I love to ride my mountain bike, and love to share my vision of the trail with the world!

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