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Jeff Kendall-Weed is with Industry Nine.
5 days ago

These things have always looked so cool, and now that I'm properly sponsored by Industry Nine, I finally got my hands on one! What is this doodad? It's the Matchstix tool!

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
5 days ago

Don’t worry, I’m fine! In better news, just posted a fresh episode of our Jenson USA podcast. Join me for an interview with Sander Rigney, the VP of Rock Shox!

Jeff Kendall-Weed is with Cody Kelley at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park.
1 week ago

Cody gets my vote as the single most stylish rider! And as I post this, he's currently the HIGHEST FINISHING AMERICAN at the EWS race in Portugal this weekend! Cody's riding is amazing, but his humility and inteligence really made me a fan. Go Cody!

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

What’d you think of the @kelleymtb vid I posted last night? Olympic dreams!!! FYI, the vid is on YouTube (if you’re wondering what I’m asking about)! Cody is a super cool dude and has been on a bit of a wild ride the last 10 years or so. We were both in the enduro race circuit in 13-16, and I haven’t had a chance to really see him ride since then. He’s shredding so hard nowadays! @pnwcomponents #dobikes #codysmanimondays #manualmonday thanks to @colbias_funke for help with finishing up the edit!

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

Is @kelleymtb the most stylish MTB rider in the world? I definitely think we could argue that he’s indeed the steeziest of them all! I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Cody and @pnwcomponents at #duthiehill, and @colbias_funke and I made a full video about the long haired shredder! Link in bio!

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

Ever hafta try hard to make it over a smallish jump? This is a pretty good example. A lot of the trails at Phil’s in Bend aren’t super steep and require a ton of pedaling to maintain speed. Jumps like this one, that are a tad long for trail speed, are fun extra credit challenges in those situations! #bendoregon #philstrail #lowerwhoops

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

How do you practice your bunnyhops? When stumps become opportunities... 🎥 @colbias_funke enjoying my @kitsbow Delta tee and Adjustable Short in the high dezert of #bendoregon! #lowerwhoops

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

Wheelie Tuesday!

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

Where did you ride this weekend? I rode on #galbraithmountain in #bellinghamwa! Here’s a clip from the new #IbisRipley first look vid filmed in Port Gamble. Thanks to @jensonusa and @ibiscycles! #keeppedaling #ridemoreworkless

Jeff Kendall-Weed posted a video
2 weeks ago

Did you wish your mother a happy Morher’s Day yet? If not, get on the phone! Public service announcement from a fun trail in Port Gamble. #ridemoreworkless #keeppedaling thanks to @jensonusa for the support!

I love to ride my mountain bike, and love to share my vision of the trail with the world!
Born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, I grew up riding BMX, a little trials, and little motocross, and pedaling through the woods on my mountain bike. Now, so many years later, not a lot has changed, other than I get to enjoy these activities with my beautiful family!

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2 weeks ago | 13:29

New suspension fork designs have been creeping in on the scene of late and Jeff's been riding this fork for three months now. He has…

2 months ago | 12:1

I fell off a bridge and got lost in the dark - just a typical ride for Jeff Kendall-Weed by the sounds of things! Perfect…

2 months ago | 10:17

Who doesn't love a good Jeff Kendall-Weed vid - join Jeff and his buddies as they shred up the trails in Austin, Texas

3 months ago | 14:12

My name is Jeff Kendall-Weed, and while I can’t quite call myself a professional mountain biker in the traditional sense of that term, I’ve been…

3 months ago | 11:51

King of trail skills, Jeff Kendall-Weed, is back to big up some unsung local trail networks with his new series Local Loam. First up is…

3 months ago | 10:55

We've all got a local challenge climb, but this one is off the charts! Phoenix, Arizona is well known for its South Mountain park, which…

4 months ago | 7:30

Modern mountain bikes are literally designed around dropper seat posts, and the name of the game has quickly become how to fit the longest possible…

5 months ago | 6:48

Mountain biking in sunny Arizona is phenomenal! In a twist of events, Jeff Kendall-Weed ended up with airfare to Mesa (a suburb of Phoenix) for…

5 months ago | 10:6

Ever wondered about building a custom mountain bike? Well, there’s a lot to it, and here's Jeff Kendall-Weed to show you the dos and don'ts…

5 months ago | 13:5

Can you still have fun on a 23 year old bike? Durango, Colorado has some incredible mountain biking, and the town has been a centerpiece…

5 months ago | 14:39

Got flow? Jeff tackles the serpentine turns of Flow Trail in Soquel Demonstration State Forest. It's where he first learned to ride a mountain bike…

6 months ago | 5:44

It's one of the biggest debates in mountain biking and it's still going strong! Do you trust the skill and the grip required from flats…

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