Jeff Kendall-Weed

Jeff Kendall-Weed

Pro Rider | 3,733

4 weeks ago

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is far more known for its industrial and manufacturing heritage than it is for mountain biking, but when I started to hear the…

2 months ago

Jeff: Ya’ll have seen plenty videos of me riding fast and doing some fun stuff on the bike. This is not one of those videos!…

4 months ago

Do you ride your mountain bike in the rain? Perhaps the question should be, don't you ride in the rain? While it’s a way of…

4 months ago

The nicest guy in mountain biking rides the nicest trail in the south as Jeff Kendall-Weed attacks Geronimo down in Arizona, USA. Big thanks to…

4 months ago

Half Nelson trail in Squamish, BC, is a mountain biker’s dream come true and for me, it’s an ideal trail to ride with my 3…

6 months ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed: I found mountain biking in the late 1990s, and one of the most influential videos of the era was Kranked. Much of this…

9 months ago

This action-packed series explores the stories of groups that advocate for mountain biking through excellent trails. Every now and then, unique opportunities to visit special,…

10 months ago

New suspension fork designs have been creeping in on the scene of late and Jeff's been riding this fork for three months now. He has…

11 months ago

I fell off a bridge and got lost in the dark - just a typical ride for Jeff Kendall-Weed by the sounds of things! Perfect…

11 months ago

Who doesn't love a good Jeff Kendall-Weed vid - join Jeff and his buddies as they shred up the trails in Austin, Texas

12 months ago

My name is Jeff Kendall-Weed, and while I can’t quite call myself a professional mountain biker in the traditional sense of that term, I’ve been…

12 months ago

King of trail skills, Jeff Kendall-Weed, is back to big up some unsung local trail networks with his new series Local Loam. First up is…

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1 year ago

I love to ride my mountain bike, and love to share my vision of the trail with the world! Born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, I grew up riding BMX, a little trials, and little motocross, and pedaling through the woods on my mountain bike. Now, so many years later, not a lot has changed, other than I get to enjoy these activities with my beautiful family! Producer

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