Rs Fahim Chowdhury

Rs Fahim Chowdhury

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Hello Guys. I'm Rs Fahim Chowdhury, Stunt Rider Of Bangladesh. 🔥🔥Mail Rs Fahim Chowdhury for Sponsorship & Stunt purposes: 03/15/2013 2013 15 March I Started My Stunt Life... My Dream Is Want To World Class Stunt Rider My Name Is Kamrul Hasan Chowdhury ( Fahim ) So You All Think About What Is Rs? It’s My Brand Title Rs= Rockstar Rs Fahim Chowdhury - Life Is Nothing Without Struggle Born:- 1996 (28 February) Home Town :- Comilla ( Choddogram:- Falgunkora Chowdhury House) Lives In :- Dhaka,Bangladesh (Mohammadpur) Qualification’s : JSC:- 2011 SSC:- 2013 HSC:- 2015 Honours Complete:- 2019 Right Now You All Think About What I Do? Yeah I Do Cycle Stunt’s In 2013-2017 I Worked Hard For This Legal In Bangladesh. In 2018 I Shift To Bike Stunt And Right Now I Am Professional Bike Stunt Rider In Bangladesh I Do Bike Stunt Show’s In Many City’s And Represent The Bike Stunt All Of The World. Btw You Think Right Now? How I Earn Money? Yeah I Have Also A Youtube Channel For Promote Stunt Riding Whick HAve 200k+ Subscribers And I Earned From Youtube... And When I Do Stunt Show’s Then The Company Paid Me That’s It. Any Kind Of Stunt Show Contact With Me 01716252625 🔥🔥Mail Rs Fahim Chowdhury for Sponsorship & Business purposes: ( ) STUNT Public figure

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