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Mountain Bike Reviews - Airshot Tubeless Inflator 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Airshot Tubeless Inflator 2016
Airshot Tubeless Inflator

Tubeless inflation has traditionally been a right faff. The rims and tyres developed at speed, and the mountain bike world took to the new technology as fast as possible. No more pinch flats, lower pressures, more grip, the world of tyres looked rosy. Unfortunately, behind every successful installation of a tubeless system was a story of pain, agony and despair.…

Airshot is a new product on sale from our website now. If you have ever had issues inflating tubeless tyres this does the job with ease. Airshot is the easy way to inflate tubeless bike tyres. If you have ever struggled to get your tyres to mount the bead of your bike then this is the answer. Airshot works by filling the Airshot bottle using a track pump. The Airshot system provides a high volume of air that ensures your tyres will mount your rims with ease. No need for compressors! Tyre dealer & repair shop

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