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Mountain Bike Reviews - Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II Pro Torque Wrench  2015
Mountain Bike Reviews - Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II Pro Torque Wrench  2015
Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II Pro Torque Wrench

If, like me, you usually do your bike maintenance with a multi-tool and a bit of guesswork as far as to what those funny numbers with the nm after them mean then this is for you. Bolts on our bikes are made of pretty soft stuff, and over tightening them can lead to a wealth of issues. Equally you could…

6 years ago

Commencal have officially announced the launch of their new enduro team, run by Cécile and Cédric Ravanel. We tested the bike they will be racing…


Learn more about #caffelatex, #tyreinvader, #giustaforza, #shelterprotection, #nevergameover: designed in Switzerland, by cyclists for cyclists! IT: Che cosa fa Effetto Mariposa? Diverse cose… tra cui chiavi dinamometriche per ciclismo, il primo sigillante in lattice sintetico e protezioni adesive visco-elastiche per telaio. Sono prodotti molto tecnici ed apparentemente diversi tra loro. Che cosa li accomuna? Così come nell’effetto farfalla (“Effetto Mariposa” in un mix di italiano e spagnolo) – dove piccoli cambiamenti provocano grandi conseguenze – la relazione causa-effetto esiste, ma non è così ovvia ad un primo esame. Dal momento in cui creammo Effetto Mariposa, tutto è stato ispirato dalla semplice necessità di prodotti migliori per il nostro uso. La nostra sfida è stata quella di mai emulare, ma sempre innovare o migliorare quanto disponibile. EN: What does Effetto Mariposa do? Our product range includes, among other things, bicycle torque wrenches, the first synthetic-latex tire sealant and visco-elastic frame protection. All very technical items, but without an evident relation… or not? In reality, as for the butterfly effect (“Effetto Mariposa” in a mix of Italian and Spanish) – where small changes lead to major consequences – the cause-effect relation is there but it’s not that obvious. From the moment we became Effetto Mariposa, all output has emanated from the simple need for better products for our own use. Our challenge was to never emulate, but to always either innovate or improve upon something already available. 2007 Tools/Equipment

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