Mountain Bike Reviews - Gamut Dual Ring P30  2010
Mountain Bike Reviews - Gamut Dual Ring P30  2010
Gamut Dual Ring P30

Weight 160 Grams (complete) When you open up the box for the P30 bash ring and chain guide you’ll be surprised to find there isn’t much in it. Simplicity is something that Gamut have gone for here and it certainly shows. The bash ring is machined to save on weight rather than being a solid lump. The machining has been…

6 years ago

Shimano TweedLove Bike Festival is getting ready to host the biggest bike demo in the UK this year. Featuring mountain, road, gravel and e-bikes (but…

10 years ago

To launch the new Greg Minnaar Signature P30, Gamut have released a new video of the South African racer. San Fransisco might not be an…

Issue 5

More and more riders are switching to Double and Bash set ups, Russ Alford tells us how to do it and what to look out for. We also test a few options from Shimano and Gamut.

12 years ago

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