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Mountain Bike Reviews - Kali Protectives Maya 2.0 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Kali Protectives Maya 2.0 2019
Kali Protectives Maya 2.0

The Maya has been a long time favourite of mine as a do-it-all helmet for nearly every occasion. Bucking the Enduro trends it retains a classic trail helmet styling whilst maintaining a high level of safety that we have come to expect from Kali. This update to the original features minimal changes to the look and style but brings the…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Kali Protectives Maya 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Kali Protectives Maya 2016
Kali Protectives Maya

Kali may have recently announced a new open face helmet to their range, but the Maya is the lid many associate with the brand, and is still just as relevant as any others in the range. A classic trail helmet, the Maya represents a straightforward and stylish way to protect your brain. This doesn't mean it isn't loaded with features…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Kali Protectives Avatar  2011
Mountain Bike Reviews - Kali Protectives Avatar  2011
Kali Protectives Avatar

Kali have been around for a little while now and we recently reviewed and loved their lightweight trail lid, the Avita. The Avatar is their top of the range helmet and it features their unique composite fusion technology. They keep the ingredients to this pretty secret, but it does make for a ridiculously light lid. The Avatar weighs in at…

2 weeks ago

  Jeff: Ya’ll have seen plenty videos of me riding fast and doing some fun stuff on the bike. This is not one of those…

3 months ago

  Do you ride your mountain bike in the rain? Perhaps the question should be, don't you ride in the rain? While it’s a way…

3 months ago

The nicest guy in mountain biking rides the nicest trail in the south as Jeff Kendall-Weed attacks Geronimo down in Arizona, USA. Big thanks to…

3 months ago

  Half Nelson trail in Squamish, BC, is a mountain biker’s dream come true and for me, it’s an ideal trail to ride with my…

8 months ago

This action-packed series explores the stories of groups that advocate for mountain biking through excellent trails. Every now and then, unique opportunities to visit special,…

9 months ago

New suspension fork designs have been creeping in on the scene of late and Jeff's been riding this fork for three months now. He has…

10 months ago

I fell off a bridge and got lost in the dark - just a typical ride for Jeff Kendall-Weed by the sounds of things! Perfect…

11 months ago

My name is Jeff Kendall-Weed, and while I can’t quite call myself a professional mountain biker in the traditional sense of that term, I’ve been…

11 months ago

King of trail skills, Jeff Kendall-Weed, is back to big up some unsung local trail networks with his new series Local Loam. First up is…

11 months ago

It's Knot every day you get to Know about a Knolly Bikes edit (groan)... A band outing yields some epic riding in sumptuous surroundings for…

11 months ago

We've all got a local challenge climb, but this one is off the charts! Phoenix, Arizona is well known for its South Mountain park, which…

12 months ago

Modern mountain bikes are literally designed around dropper seat posts, and the name of the game has quickly become how to fit the longest possible…

Issue 52

Rou and the IMB Team head to Les Arcs in the Savoie region of the Alps to rediscover one of the best mountain bike locations in Europe. With runs from the top of the mountain to the valley floor and a hugely improved bike park they make new friends, ride amazing trails and discover somewhere they might try and call home.

2 years ago
Issue 47

Ewen Turner emerges from a wet winter of hardtail shredding, sits by the fire and reminisces about back in the day when bikes were bikes, had 400 gears, weighed as much as a cow, and never broke. He gets together with some of the big players in the hardtail world and asks if there is still room for hardtails in the modern, carbon blinged-up world of mountain biking.

3 years ago
Issue 38

Winter is upon us and Richard Kelly has some handy tips to help you handle the damp and slipper conditions under your bike.

4 years ago
Issue 31

We check out one of the best trail centres in the UK to discover what makes it so good and why it is so highly spoken of!

5 years ago
Issue 28

We headed to one of our favourite Bike Parks as part of your Alpine tour last year, find out why we love Pila so much!

6 years ago
Issue 25

On our annual road trip we venture to Livigno to check out the mountain biking this stunning resort has to offer.

6 years ago
Issue 25

Some DH rigs, full-face lids and clothing accompany us to the Alps and clock up 120,000ft of descent in the name of testing.

6 years ago

We sell the best helmet technology available today. Composite Fusion™ merges the helmet shell and foam, enabling us to use a thinner shell altogether. With shells, less-is-more. Lighter, Smaller and Safer. That’s what we do. Kali Protectives was born as the result of a significant breakthrough in helmet safety technology - Composite Fusion™. What started as an engineering challenge to remove unnecessary impact G forces found in traditional helmets, quickly became the rider’s benchmark for helmet safety and innovation. We sell the best helmet technology available today. Composite Fusion™ merges the helmet shell and foam, enabling us to use a thinner shell altogether. With shells, less-is-more. A thinner shell allows impact G forces to dissipate more effectively into the energy-absorbing foam, eliminating the double spike in G’s inherent in other helmets. Composite Fusion™ also substantially reduces the size and weight of a helmet, which means less mass attached to your head before a crash. Lighter, Smaller, Safe. That’s what we do. 2008 Sporting goods shop (408) 778-2700

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