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2 days ago

Oscar Härnström & Rémy Métallier take part in Northern Europe's biggest mountain bike festival. Who can guess the location? Full video available on our youtube channel. #LeattFamily #ScienceOfThrill #LeattBike #SouthAfrica #CapeTown

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3 days ago

The 9th round of the 2019 Pro Motocross season, at Washougal Motocross Park LLC is coming up on 27th July and we've got tickets to give away!

To enter, simply tell us your predictions for the event and who you will be taking with you below. 👇

T's and C's apply. View them here: http://bit.ly/2W32BPA

Good luck!
#LeattFamily #LeattMoto #ScienceOfThrill #ThisIsMoto #CapeTown #SouthAfrica #ProMotocross

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3 days ago

“UCI Les Gets World Cup DH 2019 will go down in the history books - “The flat out fast track was not technically very demanding but by race day the ruts, holes, and sandpits got so deep that it was super hard to keep the line and commit to full send” – Caro Gehrig. #LeattFamily #ScienceOfThrill #MTB #UCI #DH #LesGets #Capetown #SouthAfrica

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3 days ago

Leatt gallery from the MXGP of Semarang featuring Henry Jacobi 5th overall, Jago Geerts 9th and Adam Sterry 13th. Photo credit: shot by Bavo
#LeattFamily #LeattMoto #SouthAfrica #Capetown #fhracingteam

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6 days ago

Ryan Sipes hits the road for supercross in Nashville along his grueling racing schedule to be the best all-around rider on 2-wheels. Sipes proves his merit in the stadium before hard enduro racing at Erzbergrodeo. Video: @redbull

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7 days ago

Wait for it… that last hit is huge!
Leatt Family rider Clemens Kaudela picked up some serious air miles at Huckfest. Now heading to Loosefest, Clemens, and Szymon Godziek will be hitting jumps at 80kph! Keep following for more! #LeattFamily #LeattBike #ScienceOfThrill

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7 days ago

How many Leatt neck braces do you spot in this picture? Marvin Musquin #LeattFamily #LeattMoto #Capetown #SouthAfrica #LeattNeckBraces

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1 week ago

We have our Gear For a Year #18 winner! Nathan Feagley wins a set of Leatt GPX gear (jersey, pants, gloves).

Click on the link in our bio and enter the code WIN to find out how you can stand the chance to win! Terms and Conditions Apply.

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1 week ago

#Leattfamily big sender Clemens Klaudela had a massive week at Huckfest! We can’t wait to see what he throws down next at Loosefest! #ScienceofThrill Photo Credit: @locteit

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1 week ago


We will be giving away either a Leatt DBX or GPX gear set (jersey, pants, gloves) every week for the rest of the year!

Stand the chance to win this worldwide giveaway by sharing your ‘Thrill Moment’ with us on Facebook or Instagram.

How to Enter

1. Upload your video (no longer than 60 seconds) showcasing your ‘Thrill moment’ in the comments below
2. Use the hashtags #ShowUsTheThrill #LeattGearForYear #LeattGear
3. Be sure to like our page ‘Leatt Protectives’ on Facebook to find out if you are a winner

Good luck!
Terms and Conditions Apply. Click through to view them.

Official Facebook page of Leatt Protectives
Years of the same commitment, passion and dedication went into the development of the revolutionary Leatt-Brace® and continues with every new product being developed at Leatt®.
Company overview
We get why you do what you do. And we get that chasing the Thrill comes at a cost. So we've got you covered. With an ever-evolving range of neck braces, helmets, body armor, braces, guards, hydration systems - whatever it takes to keep the committed Thrill seeker safer.

Yours is a confidence game. And we're in the business of making sure that you have the confidence and the equipment to push yourself faster, harder and further than you thought you could go.

Because that's where the Thrill lies.
General info
Backed by scientific research and the collaboration with highly esteemed players in the safety field, all our products benefit from these continuous efforts by Dr. Leatt and his team of designers and biomedical engineers at the Leatt® Lab in Cape Town, South Africa, home of Leatt®’s research & development. It is our badge of honour. Our choice.
High performing, well engineered products
Outdoor and sporting goods company
+27 (0) 21 557 7257
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Mountain Bike Reviews - Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Helmet 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Helmet 2019
Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro V19.1 Helmet

The Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro Helmet is aimed, as you may have guessed, squarely at the enduro market, featuring a removable chin guard that even when attached, makes for a very lightweight helmet offering a good amount of protection. Key Features As you would imagine, this helmet complies to all standards (certified and tested: AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN1078, CPSC 1203). The…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles 2019
Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles

Leatt is currently on a roll at the moment having released a fantastic line-up of apparel, along with the brilliant DBX 3.0 Enduro helmet. New to their product range are these – the newly released Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles which I have been fortunate enough to have been testing for the last couple of months. So, where to start? Well,…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Leatt Knee Guard Airflex Pro  2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Leatt Knee Guard Airflex Pro  2016
Leatt Knee Guard Airflex Pro

Leatt, based out of Cape Town, South Africa are headed up by Dr Leatt himself and this is evident in the detailing and production that goes into their products.  The Airflex Pro is no exception to the rule. Don’t be fooled by its slim stripped back appearance - still scoring a 15 on the Leatt protection rating system, the ultra…

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Join the Propain Factory Racing team to get an in-depth view of their events from the 5th round of the DH World Cup in Les…

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For 2019 Propain Bikes is running their youth development team now in the third season and redefines it together with Marcus Klausmann, to give the…

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Leatt, famed for their neck braces, for a while now have been making helmets so it was only a matter of time before they would…

5 months ago

Joe Smith joins the team this year and brings with him years of racing experience. One of the remaining flat pedal racers we can't wait…

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Without doubt this is some of the greatest drone footage you will have ever seen from a bike event - Audi Nines brings the goods…

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Click here for some epic enduro action! This is EWS Finale Ligure summed up in just 60 seconds! The last Enduro World Series race of…

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Take a look at this awesome video from Marin! Matt Koen is going full throttle, showing us what an epic machine the Hawk Hill really…

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Check out this insane bit of sending! Clemens Kaudela knows how to pull off a solid, stylish run. You can't get much steezier than that!…

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It's time to reminisce about the insane racing that went down last weekend. Re-live the World Champs through the eyes of the NS Bikes Team…

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Caution! This video will leave you with a serious urge to shred! Check out what the Dudes have been getting up to over in the…

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These guys are pulling some of the raddest moves known to man! There's no denying, they've certainly been earning some air miles! We are halfway…

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One of the biggest, dustiest sending sessions out there? These rad lads don't hold back when it comes to big lines with a whole lot…

Issue 59

From fast XC to super long enduro, we have a big range this month. Bikes from Pole, Cube, Ragley and Marin are tested along with Motion's crazy linkage fork, and kit from Leatt, Julbo, X-Fusion and Marzocchi.

3 weeks ago
Issue 58

Ghost's big hitter, Cannondales new Habit and some of electric numbers from Haibike, Greyp and Merida, plus Rou’s new ride from Cube! Drivetrains get given a grinding with Box and SRAM offering affordable wide range gearing plus kit from Lake, Leatt and Hope.

3 months ago
Issue 53

Mountain biking makes you happy, regardless of what you ride! Rou Chater waxes lyrical about the chemicals in our brain that make us smile and how interacting with bikes helps that!

1 year ago
Issue 53

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

1 year ago
Issue 52

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

1 year ago
Issue 50

From a hillside in Wales has emerged a monster. Created from the warped mind of Dan Atherton, Hardline is the toughest downhill course in the world. We catch up with Adam Brayton and Craig Evans and try to understand what it takes to survive the track.

2 years ago
Issue 49

Danny Hart has impressed us this season, a rider who just oozes talent on the bike, can he take the overall title?

2 years ago
Issue 46

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

2 years ago
Issue 45

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

3 years ago
Issue 44

Richard Kelly is on hand to talk about Camber this issue, looking at the three-dimensional aspect of trails and the fall lines they follow. With a little practice and know-how, you can cease to be a ‘camber gambler.’

3 years ago
Issue 43

Richard Kelly tackles the sometimes fearsome rock garden this issue, looking at ways you can pick a better line, and float over the top without getting put off by the visual impact they create…

3 years ago
Issue 42

Rou Chater reminds you to remember the simple pleasure of riding a bike during these turbulent times!

3 years ago
2 years ago
4 years ago
5 years ago
6 years ago

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