Leatt, the premium brand in Moto and MTB protective gear, sets the standard with its full line for Moto and MTB helmets. The unique 360° Turbine Technology provides 3 in 1 protection and reinforces the brand’s commitment for greater rider safety by innovation.

“Our safety targets were very high throughout the development of our helmets – beyond what has previously been available to riders. With 360° Turbine Technology, we have protection against the 3 main causes of head and brain injury, and this tech is featured in all our helmets”, says Dr Chris Leatt.

Leatt’s category-defining 360° Turbine Technology is a revolutionary safety design. Made from an energy-absorbing material, the turbine discs housed within the helmet improve rider safety by reducing both low impact energy associated with concussion and brain rotational acceleration.

“The combination of these two aspects of protection is unique to our patented system. When we factor in the helmet impact foam for high impact protection, we get a true 3 in 1 rider safety solution”, continues Dr Chris Leatt.

How do Leatt helmets combat forces?

– Rotation protection with 360° Turbine Technology:
The optimally designed turbine discs enable the helmet to move slightly on the head upon impact, reducing peak acceleration to the head & brain.

– Low impact protection with 360° Turbine Technology:
The special energy absorbing material in the turbines absorbs low impact energy associated with concussion.

– High impact protection with impact foam:
The helmet impact foam liner absorbs energy at high impact.

Leatt ensures that every helmet produced includes the 360° Turbine Technology – a testament to rider safety dedication.

Technology developed and refined in the Leatt Lab.

The Leatt Lab is a custom-built, state-of-the-art research and development facility. It is staffed by a dedicated team made up of a doctor, biomedical engineers and product designers who are driven by a mission: to create the safest, most effective protective gear for riders.

The development of the 360° Turbine Technology is the result of the rigorous testing and innovation that takes place in the Leatt Lab. Each aspect of the technology, from the unique energy-absorbing material and its geometry to the strategic positioning of the turbines, is researched and tested.

To ensure optimal performance, helmets are subjected to a range of impact scenarios that mimic real-world riding conditions. These comprehensive tests ensure that the 360° Turbine Technology delivers premium protection in various crash situations and provides fantastic rider confidence. For the purpose of verification, third party labs are also used to test Leatt product performance.

The patented 360° Turbine Technology is just another way in which Leatt continues to set the standard in rider safety!

Wed 24th May, 2023 @ 12:30 pm

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