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Mountain Bike Reviews - Pole Bicycles Machine 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Pole Bicycles Machine 2019
Pole Bicycles Machine

Pole is a Finnish company that have been causing quite a stir in the world of geometry and bike manufacturing. Initially making waves with truly progressive geometry, they went on to experiment with carbon before scrapping that idea and heading into the world of machining and glue. Unafraid to try something new and different, Pole went ahead and created the…

3 years ago

How was your 2017? These guys are BC veterans and still manage to get it wrong - with a few gnarly, slippery rock drop-offs of…

4 years ago

What do you think to Peter Taylor's new bike, the Pole Evolink 140 29er? It's a folding (yes, you read that right) trail/enduro bike from…

Issue 59

From fast XC to super long enduro, we have a big range this month. Bikes from Pole, Cube, Ragley and Marin are tested along with Motion's crazy linkage fork, and kit from Leatt, Julbo, X-Fusion and Marzocchi.

1 year ago

Pole Bicycles is a Finnish high end bicycle company. ENVIRONMENT: AVOIDING UNNECESSARY HARM Pole is a nordic brand and we have scandinavian values. Scandinavians respect nature, equality and fair business. We are honest and sincere. In design we value functionality and simplicity. Sometimes less can be more. Our products are ready when there is nothing to take away. FAIR TRADE: Our design is in Finland and the production is in Taiwan. We have visited all the factories we use for our frame building and talked with the people who work there. It is important to us that we know the origins of our components. MOTTO: “QUALITY MEANS FUNCTIONALITY”. We think that the product is ready when there isn’t anything to take away, quality is not made by chasing fashion and adding more stuff. We want to break the rules of making products, rather than hiring more engineers, we are keen to hire creative people like musicians. With creative people we can create something different from mainstream. It is most important that designers, racers and average riders are involved in the design process. This is the receipt for uniqueness. PASSION: LEO RACES THE BIKES WHICH HE DESIGNS Some people have been asking why Leo competes himself. The main reason is simple: it’s fun. Secondly as the inventor of PoleLink and the designer of the bikes, brand and leading the marketing, racing himself is just the best way to demonstrate that Pole is really a brand that is from rider to riders. PATRIC’S DREAM IS TO HAVE A “SURF SHOP”: When Leo planted the idea of own company in Patric’s mind he didn’t hesitate too long. Patric resigned from his career and began his new career as an entrepreneur. Patric’s dream is to create a job or a career where he’s able to provide enjoyable “surf shop” kind of feeling to his employees and of course for himself, and now as an CEO of Pole Bicycle Company he might be able to create just that. Pole is a high-end bicycle brand, manufactured by Pole Bicycle Company. Pole Bicycle Company is owned by two Finnish guys who want to make a living out of something that matters. Pole Bicycle Company is owned by Leo Kokkonen and Patric Wladimirov. Leo is a downhill racer, industrial designer and entrepreneur for 10 years in Komia Design Oy. Patric rides motocross as an hobby, is a logistics engineer and has been after sales manager in various companies. Both of them like to spend time with outdoor sports. We have a passion to make something of our own and offer people a nice place to work. We want to employ intelligent people and give them freedom to do their work as they want to do it. And most of all: we want to ride the bikes we have designed. Leo Kokkonen & Patric Wladimirov Product/Service ££££

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