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Mountain Bike Reviews - Ravemen Lights PR1600 2020
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ravemen Lights PR1600 2020
Ravemen Lights PR1600

Perhaps not the most familiar name in mountain bike lights, Ravemen produce a range of lighting for road and off-road use. With 1600 lumens, it not going to blow the competition away on pure power, but a competitive price, innovative tech and a sleek package all combine to make the Ravemen 1600 worth a closer look. The packaging may look…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Ravemen Lights TR300 2020
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ravemen Lights TR300 2020
Ravemen Lights TR300

Night riding feels like an arms race to put as much firepower on the front of your bike as possible. Lumens now number in the thousands and lights can burn the retinas from any unsuspecting nocturnal animals on the trail. What is sometimes forgotten is something pointing the other way, especially if you intend on using roads to get to,…

Issue 63

We have bikes and components on test from Cube, Vitus, SRAM, Vecnum, Gloworm, Ravemen and Julbo this issue, see what the test team made of it all right here!

8 months ago

Latest news and products of RAVEMEN bike lights Ravemen is derived from our passion for bike riding and concern for bike riders as well as others’ safety. Coming from different areas of the bicycle industry and being biking enthusiasts, engaging in night riding is quite normal for us. To our regret, most of the high-output bike lights on the market have no anti-glare capability, which is dangerous to oncoming traffic , and as a result places them at great risk. In fact, many people have had the experience of being dazzled by high lumen bike lights, and we believe that every rider also tries not to disturb others while enjoying the fun of riding. Based on such perception and being inspired by automotive headlights, the idea of applying a similar design to bike lights came into our minds. Through the entire process of conceiving, designing, proofing, testing and adjusting, we finally made it! That means the world’s first bike light with a simulation of the design of automotive headlights is available. Combining high quality and durable material with innovative design, along with the concern for riders and others’ safety which has been fused into our genes, we promise each Ravemen product will be not only be reliable and easy-to-use to improve your riding experience, but also a trusted companion that will earn you respect from others. 2015 Outdoor & sporting goods company

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