Back country trail exploring, big mountain style! Is it enduro, trail riding, or all mountain? Do we care? Nope! It’s two wheels, great trails and great fun, apply your own label if you must!

Join the two friends David Babendreyer (Filmer) and Christoph Walter (Rider) on their search for the perfect trail, off the beaten tracks. They found a real beauty deep on the mountainsides of Aosta.
The movie was made only in two days of full comittement, a big portion of luck (weaterwise) and only a small set of equipment.

It’s not about the burliest section or longest stretch, but rather the essence of why we all ride.

Rider: Christoph Walter
Dop/Editor: David Babendreyer
Production: CAUTION!
Music: Lights & Motion – Departure

Mon 13th Oct, 2014 @ 6:30 pm

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