The winner for the most surreal bike video trailer goes to… We aren’t quite sure what to expect, but we know that the combination of the Godziek brothers and Red Bull will produce something special and we can’t wait for the premiere.


Here the Godziek brothers once again surprise. This time they are impersonating movie characters and blend their amazing biking skills with acting in a film. Due to the use of advanced technology in the post-production process the guys were transported into the world of cult movies, where their bikes played the major role. It is a glance at the freestyle world from a totally different, unique perspective.

The guys enjoyed their new roles very much. Burning sun, long hours spent on the movie set and filming from dawn till dusk resulted not only in beautiful pictures, but also in world-class tricks.
“The Bike Brothers” is filled with top-notch riding by the Polish shredders and is packed with bangers tricks that surely amaze.

Szymon and Dawid Godziek come from Suszec – a small town in Poland. Even though they are still very young, the Godziek brothers have already set a mark as ones of the most talented riders in Europe. This season is undoubtedly a blast for both of them. Szymon finished 5th on the overall ranking in the FMB Diamond Series and has made it into the history books as the first rider to pull a Backflip Tsunami. At the same time Dawid won the Vans Kill The Line contest in Peynier, France and performed exceptionally well throughout the whole year.

Make sure to check the final outcome of their hard work – it is literally breathtaking. The premiere is set for November 17th, but for now enjoy watching the trailer on

Fri 31st Oct, 2014 @ 5:30 pm

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