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Hassle'Off Multi Tool

We all love skids and wheelies, admit it, but do you remember when it first started? Commencal have really committed this year to make high quality and affordable kids bikes, with some great little edits of some young groms enjoying their bikes. Today’s young groms are tomorrow’s World Champions!

© COMMENCAL 2014 – Guillaume Grégnanin

We can’t deny it, but at a certain age, owning a mountain bike becomes vital. To play in your neighbor’s backyard, to go to school or start jumping around the house.

While the Up-Market version (META HT 20) is made for “true mountain biking”, the Ramones 20” has been designed for all this: ride and have fun. Like a child. With a reliable and durable frame as well as all its components, your toddler will have no fear to go big. He will own a true mountain bike, with real knobs on it, and perfectly fitted stem and handlebar. The whole thing with standard dimensions. The best! Don’t forget to make him wear a helmet !

Sat 22nd Nov, 2014 @ 4:41 pm

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