Following Kelly McGarry down his own trails must be scary in anyone’s books, have you seen his total disregard to his own safety? Luckily for us Aaron Chase is up to the challenge.

In episode four of the premiere season of ‘Through My Eyes’ with Aaron Chase, the MTB legend takes a trip down south to ride with New Zealander Kelly McGarry at some of the Kiwi’s familiar local trails.

“I’ve gotten to ride some pretty amazing spots,” admits Chase, who has traveled the world riding his bike. “Nothing’s better than showing up, riding with one of your friends on their home turf.”

Click the ‘Play’ icon on the video above to get a local’s knowledge of how to ride the epic and huge ‘Dream Track’ at the Wynyard Bike Park in Queenstown.

After a first-run-of-the-day crash for Chase left McGarry sore, the final challenge of the duo’s session became Dream Track’s road gap. With McGarry still shaking off the fall, and Chase having his apprehensions of the foreign conditions, the pair finally decided to go for it – thanks to a little emotional support from McGarry, the always cheerful Kiwi.

“So we get back up to the start, and I’m kinda still sweatin’ it when Kelly turns to me and says, ‘Don’t worry, Chase, follow the McGazza!” Less than a minute later, both riders are cleanly jumping the gap – flying over the road – and catching perfect backside on the landing of the massive stepdown gap jump.

“Well, that’s freeride mountain biking for ya,” said Chase, “Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice.”

Thu 18th Dec, 2014 @ 7:30 pm

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