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Guido Tschugg, Hoshi Yoshida and the guys from SR Suntour have sent over this little piece about their trip to Bardenas Reales in Spain, catch up with what they thought and what Guido has planned for next year, including a new sponsor.

The air is stuffy and dry, the ground a strange mixture of stone and zander. The “semi-desert” Bardenas Reales is located just one hour south of Pamplona, ​​which became famous for its bullfights.

Not exactly the spot where one expects to see mountain bikers … yet, looking at the pictures, the place inevitably reminds us of the Rampage, but with a unique character.


Guido – Honestly, are you lost, or on your pilgrimage to Saint-Jacques?

That’s right! I stop suddenly! (Laughs) I saw some pictures of this spot and I searched the net for more information about that place. I was fascinated by this natural spectacle of lunar landscape. And of course, when Hoshi Yoshida asked me to do a shoot there, I immediately accepted.

At first glance, the images look like a “mini rampage.” You’re the only German to have participated in the Rampage. Tell us about that experience, the similarities between these two spots?

At first sight, yes – but the land in Bardenas is not as dusty as Utah.

In this session anyway, the ground was prominent and crusty.  On the other hand, we see a lot of ground preparation and  shaping at the rampage. All jumps, drops etc … these do not reflect land, 100% natural. A Bardenas Reales, the terrain is plain. And I like it a lot.


Despite the challenging environment, you seemed to have a lot of fun there. Would come back again if you travel to Spain with your motorhome?

Why not! What I missed was the lack of shade. Aside from “lush grass” is not found in trees under which go to cool off.
At the top of this spot, it must also get used to the comings and goings of military aircraft and bombs exploding a few hundred meters (it is next to a military base). Not ideal for riding serenely! But to answer your question: of course  I would stop here again. This place is unique in Europe. You go out of town and you find yourself in the middle of the desert. You have to see it to believe it.


Guido, tell us a little later in your career, what are your next projects?

Last week I welcomed the new Shimano X-Mas Jam, so now I think I’ll enjoy Christmas with my family in light of a recent intense month!

But obviously I am thinking about next season already. From January, I work with my new partner and main sponsor Haibike.
My next project with the new bike will be the “Adrian Kiener’s Greenhouse Event,” a lot of new things and different projects etc …

Guido thank you for the time you have given us and enjoy your family.

Good ride!

Tue 16th Dec, 2014 @ 5:30 pm

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