Time to go to Church! Church 2 takes us to North Carolina and the journey of Evan and Brandon, two normal guys with day jobs, who fit riding in as and when they can, it’s about having fun!

It’s January. Winter vibes have descended upon us. The nonsensical daylight savings time has drastically limited the amount of sessions for those on the full time workweek grind. Night riding is an option but it just doesn’t provide the same sense of satisfaction. But we are lucky in North Carolina. The mild temps and lack of substantial snow keep us riding throughout the winter. The rides are shorter, yet essential for maintaining skills from the previous season. Quietly mastering that new cornering technique until the birds start chirping and the flowers start blooming. The short rides build for the coming of Spring, Summer, and Fall. The time when the real sessions go down. With seven months of optimal temperatures in NC, enduring a few cold months chilling is nothing to fret.

Winter allows time to let the body heal up and prepare for the coming of a new season. I feel constantly burdened by frozen daydreams about sweat beading down my forehead while chasing buddies down the trail. A hot steamy after work session crushing corners and finding new rollers to double up. The grind of the day vanishing with every pedal stroke. Then SNAP, another email pops into the inbox. A brief glance through the window drags me from fantasy to wintertime reality.

We hope this video sparks some daydreaming of endless forest filled with technical and challenging single track, mountains, and tall trees. Accompanied by your best friends, shredding till dark, and up till midnight drinking brews Chattahoochee style.

Cheers to swimming, sweating, ya boys, and summer daydreaming! Church.

Special Thanks to Cane Creek Cycling Components, Industry Nine and Onza Tires.

Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz – Riff Raff
Kings – Ryan Taubert
Who Did That to You – John Legend

Tue 6th Jan, 2015 @ 10:30 am

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